Bagaholicboy News #178 – Mulberry Launches iPad App!

It had to happen sooner or later. But instead of merely doing an app that was purely cosmetic, Mulberry went a step further and tried to make it as interactive as possible. I’m not saying it is the best around at the moment, but at least I can see the effort put into it.

For starters, the Mulberry app allows you to access maps of Mulberry stores worldwide, essential when you are a tourist in an unfamiliar city looking for that elusive Alexa that’s on sale. Simply touch the Stores icon and it will show you a list of Mulberry stores worldwide. Or let the app work for you and tell you where your nearest Mulberry shop is located. Either way, it is one useful feature.

You can also access Blog, which is chockful of fun updates, This Season, which shows you the entire lookbook for that particular season, as well as the runway show, backstage video and even the making of the current ad campaign. Last but by no means least, you can also Shop to your heart’s content, which is doubly fun when you can curl up in bed and let your fingers decide what you absolutely have to get from Mulberry.

Lastly (and perhaps the single most important reason you’ve got to download the app) is the fact that Mulberry is now giving away 10 iPad and iPhone cases away, and all you got to do is to fill in your details (look for the Competition icon) and keep your fingers crossed.

And yes, it is also available for the iPhone as well. Go!

Images: Mulberry

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