Hermès: I Love My Scarf

‘An Hermès scarf is for life and for living’, an idea borne from Hermes’ artistic director of silk, Bali Barret, that evolved into I Love My Scarf (or translated to French, J’aime mon carré) project, one that saw photographer Matt Irwin travelling to fashion capitals London, New York, Paris and Tokyo to shoot short videos featuring 4 young girls, their lives, their loves and their Hermès scarves.

Simply put, like Burberry’s Art Of  The Trench, I Love My Scarf aims to show you how a Hermès scarf can (and should) be a part of your everyday life, and not one reserved for the special occasions and the older folk. Be it the Carré, the Twilly or even the Losange, just find the one that suits your personality best and use it as an essential everyday accessory, much like your favourite bangle or that vintage brooch.

Parties were also held all over the world, like the one I just attended last night at Monu at Nomu where various rooms depicting the 4 cities were set up, with games tables, loads of lovely little bites from pop corn to sushi and of course, copious amounts of alcohol. A photo booth where guests could take snapshots of themselves was also set up in the Paris room, dressing up in their  favourite Hermès scarf from a wide selection that was made available just for the event.

Log on to the official site to check out Matt Irwin’s snapshots, as well as the short videos and also the knotting cards which teach you how to tie your scarf in a wide variety of styles (shown above). All I need now is to get myself a Losange and I’ll be set for Tokyo come November.

Images: Hermès

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  • Richard says:

    I have a few 70 by 70 scarves. Very nice accessory for a plain tee or polo tee. Adds character and colour. I also have a few twillys which I either tie round my wrist or on my birkins. Hermes scarves are super. I would love to get a losange too- the shorter one, in cotton.

  • I only have a twilly, used it ard my Kelly’s handle can’t wait to own my very own scarf. (FB)

  • Grace says:

    I always love projects like these! Its more appealing than the countless ad campaigns… Can’t wait to see more on the microsite.

  • I have a few. I tie them on bags, wear them around my neck, etc. In the summer they are a bit warm to wear, but now that the temperature is dropping, I have been getting them out again. (FB)

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