Bagaholicboy Muses #214 – Happy Together

There are two reasons I am doing this post today. Firstly, I secretly mourned when the iPhone4 was launched knowing it meant the end of my Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas iPhone Case. The old case would not fit the new phone, and it was only a matter of time before they (the cases) became obsolete. Secondly, I’d always been a Nokia user since my very first (or was it second) 8250. Even now I have 2 phone lines, one for my iPhone3G and the other for my E71.

When the new Nokia E5 was launched I jumped for joy. This would be a great replacement for my E71, and having received my review set yesterday, I realised it fitted my existing Monogram Canvas case perfectly. Not tight, but snug with a little bit of the phone sticking out.

So folks, you heard read it here first. They do fit, and yes, they are rather handsome together. Now excuse me while I head over to eBay to hunt more cases down in Damier Graphite and Monogramouflage. And in case anyone is wondering, the new iPhone4 does not fit into existing iPhone cases from Louis Vuitton.

Images: Louis Vuitton & Nokia

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