Price’s dVb Charity Candle

I’ve avoided candles for as long as I can remember. For the longest time, the candles I bought either didn’t have a lasting scent or burned poorly, resulting in an ugly mess of wax. Recently however, I was given the new Price’s DVB Charity Candle to try out and boy was I impressed. Besides giving off a scent of tuberoses, it burned cleanly all the way down, a sign of a quality candle.

Quality candles are also more expensive (the ones I used to get were always cheap, which is why they turned out the way they did). The one here for example retails for SGD69.90 each, which on hindsight ain’t bad at all considering how it gave me almost 35 hours of scented bliss. And now if you order online and use the promo code ‘BAGAHOLICBOY’, you will be able to get the dVb candle at 20% off, along with free shipping within Singapore.

As for myself I’ve progressed on to Diptyque’s Cyprès, which costs even more at SGD102 a pop. Pricey yes, but I am hoping it will be worth every (s)cent.

Images: Diptyque & Price’s

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