Updated Again – Fall-Winter 2010 Mens Louis Vuitton

Season after season I tell myself I will get something from Louis Vuitton’s runway collection. Yet season after season it has never happened. The final designs that hit the stores either leave me less than satisfied or the asking prices seem way higher than they’re actually worth. Still I remain hopeful that one day soon I’ll get my runway bag.

And with the launch of the Fall-Winter 2010 Mens Louis Vuitton collection (due out in August 2010), things are certainly looking up. 3 very distinct sub-collections fall under the runway line, and they include Shako, Briska and Monogram Macassar.

First up, the Louis Vuitton Shako Cabas Bandouliere (shown above), a very pared-down vertical tote that’s shaped like a trapezoid. A water-repellent canvas that’s treated with resin, it is also the one I’m liking the most at the moment. What will make me change my mind at the end? The USD2800 price tag.

Next up, 2 messengers that have loads of potential in my bag closet: the Louis Vuitton Brisko Messenger GM and the Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar Messenger GM. Tentatively priced at USD4500 and USD2800 respectively, the huge price difference is explained in the use of materials. The Brisko Messenger GM is full leather, while the latter comes in coated canvas. These 2 are also sort of on my current wish list, but whether they eventually make it or not still remains to be seen.

More updates to come…

Images: Louis Vuitton

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  • John says:

    I agree with DJ. I’d rather buy another Balenciaga that’s full leather than a coated canvas LV that is double the price. LV needs to rethink the prices of their non leather bags.

  • bagguy_net says:

    LV seriously going out of control with their price tag, these trends will be backfire for someday.

  • jay says:

    the messenger one is one shot right?

    have you seen the sac-a-dos?

  • Matt Curry says:

    yeah, I agree on the prices for the runway pieces, maybe some of it will be counted as “standard range” like Damier Graphite became. There was a gorgeous drawstring tote/duffel on the runway, sort of like a Shako version of the Monogram Cheche Gypsy, that I really hope goes into production.

  • DJ says:

    glad that some of you agreed with me. im a bag ‘holic’ myself. and i have been a huge LV fan but to pay 3500 for treated water-proof fire-proof ‘bullet-proof’ canvas? no thanks. hahahaha

    u can get the luxusrius Loewe suede tote for 3600SGD.

  • Senor Pablo says:

    I’m going to be patient. Will wait till next year LV Summer Collection.

  • mike says:

    Agree that the prices are way too much for its look. And I might add that none of the painted bags will be produced. Also there is a Monogram Hexagone in a long round shape coming out similar to a papillon but larger as seen in the backstage pics earlier. Most of the good looking bags in the collection did not make it to production. Plus side is I can save $$$$$.

  • Yann says:

    Yes totally agree with DJ.
    Price are insane, or it’s me who is poor?

  • Totally agree with DJ!

  • DJ says:

    the macassar bag is really handsome. but the price is crazy n unreasonable.

    i have the same problem with LV runway bags. they look good. but not good enough to match the exorbitant price tags. always end up getting a prada or a balenciaga. full leather. half the price. double the satisfaction

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