Tod’s iPad Case Collection

I’ve resisted getting the Apple iPad for the longest time, simply because I don’t really need it. I’ve already got 2 iMacs, a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, so an iPad  for me would be redundant.

Then it happened. Louis Vuitton pushed out iPad cases in Monogram Canvas and Damier Graphite, Gucci did the same with their versions, and now Tod’s will be launching their collection in November 2010. I don’t have their retail prices yet, but there will be 4 versions, one in soft supple calfskin and 3 more in exotic croc.

Knowing me, if I do get an iPad I will just end up spending a whole lot more just to ‘dress’ him up, which is exactly what happened with Mike. And it gets worse. Right now the one in blue croc has Mitch’s (which is what I would name my iPad if I do get one) name written all over it. Oh whatever should I do?

Image: Tod’s

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  • Patrick Garde says:

    Yeah, dress Mitch up. There are just too many cases around and it’s really hard to choose one.

  • theknees says:

    just do it!

  • Mohd Yusof says:

    totally agree… tod’s ipad case is more practical

  • veve says:

    Oh really? The Tod one is like the official Apple one? Think I’ve just found my perfect ‘Thank You’ gift for hubs provided it doesn’t drastically reduce the bonus he gave me.

    BB… the ipad really grows on you. Btwn 2 adults and a 3 year old, we’ve 2 macs and 3 idevices. Will be adding 2 more when iPhone4 comes out! Woot!

    • veve says:

      Oops…just remembered the 2 long forgotten iPods and the air port and apple tv! Gosh…we must be mac mad! You really can’t have enough macs!

  • DJ says:

    i have the ipad. love it. not the most useful gadget. but its cute n very cool to carry around. n wireless surfing is better compared to the small iphone.

    the LV Gucci Oscardelarenta cases are just cases. doesnt protect the ipad when u r using it.

    but the Tods ones…genius!! its like the official apple ipad case. which can turn into a display stand for the ipad.

    i wonder how much they cost? i hope not more than the ipad.. i know the croc one will.

  • Aela says:

    I agree, the blue croc one looks fab! The only reason why I think its not worth to get an Ipad here in Singapore (YET) is because the 3G one will be pretty much useless here… but if this gets released here in SG then there’s one good reason to get an Ipad regardless if its 3G or not.

  • Hohoho says:

    Go ahead and buy it! The fun is in dressing up your iPad right, isn’t it? Haha!

  • Mohd Yusof says:

    all of these ipad cases that u’ve featured in ur blog have made me wanna buy the ipad…

  • joshuabones says:

    you’re an apple fanboy!! well, im one tooo.

    btw, lvoe love love love ur site. it’s one of teh most awesome. you’re from SG rite?

  • Olivia says:


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