SK-II Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream

Many of you out there know I’m a great fan of SK-II, and because I believe in putting my money where my mouth (or in this case, face) is, I have chalked up quite a fair bit by spending on their extensive collection over the last few years. It was never like that before; I used to be a soap-and-water kind of guy, but having passed my 30s in recent years, I knew that even the best of genes would not keep my face looking radiant, spotless and smooth.

And unlike say fragrances, which I can pick and choose depending on my mood, I am extremely loyal when it comes to skincare. My policy is very simple. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And till today I’ve never had any issues whatsoever. Right now I’m using SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence, Skin Signature as well as the Signs Eye Cream (though I must admit the eye cream is not really working for me) on a daily basis, right before I head out anywhere and before going to bed.

But that’s not the end of it. Last week SK-II sent me a full-sized jar of their new SK-II Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream (SGD240) which had just been launched. A cream that’s suitable for both day and night, its non-sticky formula promises to improves skin radiance, firmness and texture after 4 weeks, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

And if there are any SK-II users out there, I would love to hear about your experiences (both good and bad) as well. Now excuse me while go I slather some more on my face.

Image: SK-II

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  • AtelierGal says:

    This product sounds promising, guess I need to head down to the counters to test out the texture.

  • Celena says:

    Hi, I’m on my 2nd day of using the melting rich cream but wondering if the cream is suitable and works for someone who’s 26 years old? I have been using SK-II Facial Treatment cleanser and Treatment Essence for 6 months and so far so good however this two days my skin turned dry with tiny red rashes hence I’m wondering if I’m sensitive to the melting rich cream?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Yes, that does happen, because skin type varies from person to person. Stop using the Melting Rich Cream if it is giving you issues and bring it back to the SK-II counter and see if they can replace it with another product.

    • theknees says:

      you might be having an allergic reaction, but it could also be due to other environmental factors. you should head back to the BA you bought the cream from and ask for advice.

  • Tracy says:

    The Facial Treatment Mask is the best sheet mask I’ve come across. Can’t say I see any fantastic results from their other products though. For e.g. I have the Cellumination Deep Surge and I feel that it doesn’t really get absorbed and leaves a layer on the skin that makes make up application tricky.

    How is your experience with the Melting Rich Cream so far BB?

    @Rae, laser is the most effective and efficient way to get rid of freckles and pigmentation, in my experience. You see results after one quick session from the clinic and mine cleared after just 2 sessions.

  • Ashley says:

    @MuseMone I’m a 23 year old guy and SK-II work wonders on my skin!I am currently using the Facial Treatment Cleanser and the Facial Treatment Essence.

  • MuseMono says:

    My colleague started using SK-II and his skin improved tremendeously (he’s late 30’s and has some freckles and spots). But when I use it I developed acne. Perhaps it’s not suitable for a guy in his 20’s?

  • rae says:

    Am user of FTE too. It works well on my skin and neck – lines less visible, fairer complexion but it didn’t do much for my freckles. In fact, because my skin is now fairer, the freckles are much more obvious. Sigh.

  • phil says:

    eye bags are due to ur blood capillaries ard ur eyes being enlarged- try creams that constrict blood flow there, or alternatively something cold like ice can alleviate the dark eye circles temporarily. hope that helps!

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