Hermès Victoria43

hermes_victoria43 A very rare sight at Hermès these days is the Victoria, due in part (and I’m guessing) to its high prohibitive prices. Still, having spotted the Hermès Victoria43 in Barenia suede calfskin in the Fall-Winter 2010 Mens Hermès collection shows the House’s continuing commitment in keeping this icon alive. And though I don’t have the price list at the moment, an authority on all things Hermès estimates that this duffle should retail for around SGD12,000 or so.

Large and roomy (there’s an even bigger size which is even rarer), I actually know someone who uses it as a gym bag. Yes, some people just have all the luck.

Image: Hermès

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  • gilbert says:

    bb, is it retail in singapore already?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Not yet, but no harm going down to see if they’ve got it in other colours or sizes currently.

    • Rach says:

      Saw one Victoria 43 in alezan at Taka Hermes last week..btw would like to seek some advice from Bagaholicboy. I plan to get Victoria size 35 just unsure of the colour. Any suggestions?

      I dress mainly in black,white and greys. Had the chance to try one out in cafe but still hesitating if its too safe a colour? I am afraid too light a colour, it might stain as I don’t baby my bags and for me, its gonna be a travel casual bag. Thanks!

  • ldybug608 says:

    how many sizes are there for the Victoria?

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