Fall-Winter 2010 Womens Jil Sander

Frankly I don’t know where to begin with the Fall-Winter 2010 Womens Jil Sander collection. You might even say I’m at a loss for words, which is really really rare for me. You see, I’ve seen my fair share of bags both good, bad and everything in-between over the years and I pride myself on being instantly able to tell what’s going to sell in the marketplace and what’s destined to be a dud.

More often than not, those that do very well commercially tend to be soulless replicas of previous seasons’ pieces simply rehashed, while duds are often big on the promise but deliver not much else.

But with Jil Sander, it becomes an art form that brings it all together almost perfectly.

Not a mainstream brand by any standards, it insists on delivering pieces season after season that are gorgeously constructed and serve their intended purpose, without suffering on the aesthetics. It’s actually a brand I’m beginning to have new-found respect for, because fittingly Raf Simons seems to have chanced upon this perfect combination of form and function.

Take these small shoulder sling bags for example. While the shape isn’t exactly a relevation, I do appreciate its well thought-out design. Remove the detachable sling and it becomes a classy clutch. Simple and fuss-free really.

Or this gorgeous leather tote that comes with thicker straps that will definitely ease with spreading the tote’s load over the shoulder. The additional crossbody sling helps too.

I also appreciate the collection’s many androgynous pieces which will work well for both men and women depending on their physical stature. Really, can anyone fault such a handsome piece?

They’ve also got the whole two-in-one concept down pat, with this small frame handbag which comes with a removable clutch. While I’m not exactly sure if these 2 pieces are sold as a pair, I can already see the stylish set using this; the gentlemen will get the clutch while the lady will use the frame handbag.

I will be doing more updates as more information regarding availability and prices for Singapore (their stand-alone store is located at Hilton Shopping Gallery) come in, this having been moved up my priority list for bags to keep a close watch on for F/W10.

And before I sign off, any guesses regarding what this might actually be? Purse? Tiny wrist clutch? Anyone?

Images: Jil Sander

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