Fall-Winter 2010 Womens D&G

It was quite jarring at first to see something so loud (the bag charm) on something so proper (the handbag), but I think it is this intentional juxtaposition that actually makes it work. Because it is so wrong, it has to be right. And after a while, it actually does grow on you (or rather it did for me anyway).

A smaller cuter alternative, a little pouch with the bag charm in another design, which includes the freakily cute wool knit doll. This one’s in a bikini by the way.

Or, just go for the bag charm itself. Notice how all the dolls are dressed differently. I’m not sure if they’re already available at the D&G flagship at Mandarin Gallery just yet, so sit tight while I gather more information. Meanwhile, you should download the new D&G Fashion Channel iPhone or iPad app if you haven’t already because it’s mighty fun.

Images: D&G

Update: 11 August 2010
Prices are in! The
D&G Lily Twist (top) is SGD2100 with the charms, but if you just want the charms, they are also sold separately at SGD300 each. The coin purse (in the middle) will not be available in Singapore.

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