Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter

One of my appointments today entailed checking out Bliss, which is located within Sephora at ION Orchard. As far as I’m concerned, 2 things about spas in Singapore generally worry me. Firstly, it’s the fact that they are all dimly-lit and play the same gurgling-water, chirping-bird or harp-string CD that’s both old and dated. Second, it’s a given that at most spas in Singapore the therapists will try to hard-sell another package while you’re trying to enjoy the actual facial/massage/treatment, which really isn’t professional in the first place.

Which brings me back to Bliss. Besides being a complete day spa with a full selection of services, it is also brightly-lit and filled with friendly, affable staff. And that’s not all. They’ve also got their own product line which left me intrigued. A sucker for things that are excellently packaged, some of the products I brought back to try out include the Lemon + Sage Body Butter (smells like some delectable cake icing that’s good enough to eat), the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash (what can I say, I ran out of SK-II) and most embarassingly, something named The Love Handler.

Termed ‘a liquid workout for lazy abdominals’, I took it in vain hope that it would help me with my love handles and ever-growing beer gut. I reasoned that since not everyone is born with Nakata’s abs we could all use any help we could get.

I’m going to start using all 3 products, and if they are really any good I’ll be back at Bliss to start on the facials and treatments available. And if there are any Bliss fans out there I would love to hear what you’ve got to say about their products or spa services.

Image: Bliss

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  • Jason Y says:

    The body butter is super rich and soothing – I now carry around a travel size tube with me all the time. I’ve even used it for chafing on my nose when I last had the flu.

    Also, if you’ve ever stayed at a W hotel, they use Bliss lemon+sage products worldwide so that’s a great way to try them out. After our last vacation, my sister now swears by the foaming face wash, which really leaves your skin feeling amazingly clean and smooth.

  • Aela says:

    I love Bliss! Ever since they opened here in Singapore, I immediately tried their services and products out. Oprah herself gushes about how great this Spa is.

    You guys should try their mani/pedi services its fantastic! I recommend the Pina Colada. The facials aren’t half bad as well. I’ve tried their Power Peel and its fantastic. You’ll really get a glow after.

    One must try service AND product is the Triple Oxygen Facial. It magic! It’s heaven! Try the facial first then buy the product. The product is like a facial that you can bring at home – after using it you’ll really see your skin glow and it feels really clean!! Amazing!!

  • Lazymummy says:

    I will be staying tuned for your review!

  • Christine says:

    I love the Bliss lemon+sage body butter! It absorbs easily but it really moisturizes. The only downside for me is that Bliss products are not available here in the Philippines, so I have to order them online.

  • Emma says:

    Love their steep clean facials and mask! Do try them!

  • Melvin says:

    Let us know the results!

  • germaine says:

    It sounds nice already. I have the same peeves as you do about the local spas, in fact there’s a particular CD that so many of them play which I’ve termed the Generic Spa Music CD.

  • Mandy says:

    Ooooh… I haven’t tried the body butter yet but it sounds divine. What I do love from Bliss is their glamour gloves + hand cream. Adore the scent!

  • freshmess says:

    Where do I sign up for the Love Handler?

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