Ask The Bagaholicboy #114 – A Duffle From SGD500 And Other Bits…

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I am a regular reader of your blog, and definitely a lover of it. You always manage to give us the latest updates and keep your posts refreshing.

I’ve dropped you a mail because I figured I need your help. Lately, I’ve been looking around for a perfect bag (or, nearly perfect), but I can’t seem to get for fingers upon any. Mainly due to my budget and my picky tendencies.

I am actually looking for more of a holdall/duffle bag, but definitely not too big and bulky in size as I need it to be a two-way carry bag with either sling or hold it in the hands. Material doesn’t really matter for me, but a smooth finish would be good. My budget is somewhere between SGD500 to SGD1000. Thanks a lot for taking your time reading this mail and I hope to hear from you soon.
Justin Chen

A: Hi Justin, thanks for your email. To condense what you just mentioned, you are basically looking for a duffle that could be in any smooth material, with an added shoulder strap (which can be calfskin or nylon in this case) and costs under SGD1000.

For starters, you should head on down to Club21’s stores and check out their ongoing sales which is now up to 50% off. It is also the best time to get something pricier for a steal and some brands you should check out include Marc by Marc Jacobs (Mandarin Gallery) and Mulberry (Hilton Shopping Gallery).

Next check out Jack Spade (within Kate Spade) at Raffles City Shopping Centre. They’ve got duffles in canvas (shown above) that are within your budget so that’s something else you should take a look at. Or check out the Longchamp Le Pliage Travel Bag which should retail for under SGD500 now.
Love, Bagaholicboy

And other bits
1. Stacy, the Lady Dior you see in the window display at Ngee Ann City now in quilted olive lambskin and croc handles retails for SGD8000. It is from the Pre-Fall 2010 Womens Dior collection, by the way.

2. Joven, it is cheaper to buy Mulberry online. That said however, you’ll still have to factor in shipping charges and GST which is applicable by law as soon as your total purchase (including shipping) exceeds SGD400.

3. Jason, I personally think there is nothing wrong with using the Monogram Canvas Keepall45 for work, though it is not exactly the perfect bag for carrying heavy books and files so I would advise you to go easy on the load.

4. Christine, I have seen satchels from The Cambridge Satchel Company in person and I can vouch for its quality and workmanship. What’s more, nothing beats the scent of a brand new leather bag.

Image: Jack Spade

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  • wally says:

    whereabout in SG for CK?

  • wally says:

    Hi BB, do you know any messenger bags that will cost below 500? it doesn’t have to be high end branded stuff. a mid-range product would be alright.

  • Dottie says:

    I am banned from buying the Cambridge satchel… BOO HOO! *lol*

  • Danny S says:

    Hi Alvin, just got a Macassar Keepall 55 as a gift from bff but found it too big. Found Valextra Boston Bag Large on sale at Barney’s New York Online. How do I get it to ship to Sinagpore? Which colour is better for guys? Cuoio (beige tan) or white?

  • JenuineC says:

    Hi BB! Thanks for making a reply in such a short period of time and making it so useful!

    If i were to look outside of the box, do you think Burberry Packable Nylon Totes for Men is a good choice for tote? I’m just afraid about the weight it can carry. Is it alright for a few little accessories and maybe a Macbook or something..

    Hear from you soon BB! Thanks once again!

  • Jason says:

    Hi Alvin, thanks for the advise on the use of the Monogram Canvas Keepall for work. Greatly appreciate it! I’m still on the quest (its getting more frustrating by the day!)to look for a versatile bag that I can stylishly bring to work and yet equally cool and at home when I’m hanging out with friends after work and during weekends.

    I’m thinking of the Prada Saffiano briefcase (smallest size) in Graphite Grey. The Prada SA suggested I can hook “Edward” onto the bag to make it look less “formal”. What are your thoughts on this? Or would you recommend another bag? Thanks so much! Your advise is always helpful and dependable! Cheers!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Isn’t the Prada briefcase much too small for books and file? Perhaps you could look for something bigger. They’ve got nylon totes too which should do the job better.

      • Jason says:

        Hi BB, I’ve already got a Prada nylon tote in black. Any leather suggestions that will perhaps look more structured? Will the Gucci all leather duffle (S/S10) which you had featured before or the LV Broadway do the trick?

        LV at Ngee Ann has got one specially customized in monogram (unusual since the Broadway is typically available in Damier only). But…the monogram is so ubiquitous! (Ah…decisions, decisions, decisions!) Hear from you soon! A million thanks!

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