Bagaholicboy Muses #200 – The Kids Do Have It All

When I was growing up I was never deprived in any way; Mum made sure I had everything I needed, wanted and a little bit more.  I had my Mask toy vehicles and Masters Of The Universe action figures, was certainly well-clothed in appropriate and affordable mid-range children’s apparel and ate well enough. Still (and if I recall correctly), back then we never had designer apparel for children. Nothing like what is available nowadays anyway.

Nowadays you can walk into any designer brand and you’ll be greeted with a full children’s section, selling everything from baby Ralph Lauren polo tees to cotton Burberry trench coats with the design adapted right off the runway.

In the bag department, one could get their daughter the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Mini HL (SGD635), originally intended as a really, really tiny bag for an adult. Thing is, I’ve never actually seen any of these on an adult as yet, but I am seeing it more and more on kids along Orchard Road lately.

And because it is World Cup season, you can even pick up little flip flops in support of Dad’s favourite team from the Havaianas Team Kids collection. Besides Italy, you can also pick up Brazil and England (and a smattering of other countries) at SGD29.90 for the little one. Adorable, aren’t they?

So it will come as no surprise as well when I tell you Gucci will also be launching a full collection for children which will debut early next year. Conceived by Frida Giannini (pun intended), the collection will be pieces for both boys and girls from the time they are born till they are 8 years old. Besides apparel, your little Princess will look chic with sunglasses, shoes and other accessories that will be available as well.

The kids do really have it all these days, don’t they?

Images: Burberry, GucciHavaianas & Louis Vuitton

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  • Kellyx says:

    AGree with u tiff!!! Unless i belong to one of those highly influence social status family, i seriously think a lv is too much to spend on a child!! Doubt she knows how to appreciate anyway !!

  • tiffany says:

    kids are so pampered nowadays! but i think the LV mini is a little too much on a little girl.

  • Kellyx says:

    I wouldn’t want my girl to look like a little lady… money aside… a five year old should look like a five year old isn’t it?

  • Ann Boyd says:

    A fellow mommy fren bought tt cute LV mini for her little princess.

  • Jensen Ng says:

    Omg! The mini LV bag is adorable! If I saw a kid walking along the streets with that bag I would be really jealous haha.

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