Bagaholicboy Muses #198 – Telephone

While I can proudly say I am very ‘on the ball’ when it comes to bags and all things related, I’m quite a slow adapter when it comes to tech goods. Technology is not a bad thing, but having to relearn and adjust to a new product every time it comes out can be extremely tiring especially since 89.4% of my brain cells are solely focused on bags. Case in point, I’m still using my trusty Nokia E71 for my personal line, a recently purchased Apple iPhone 3G (without the S) for the blog’s use, and just last week the Panasonic Lumix DMC GF1 which came out early in the year.

From time to time however I get lucky and someone (in this case LG) will loan me a spanking new mobile to play with for an indefinite amount of time. I’ve got to be very honest here; the last time I got the LG New Chocolate (LG BL40) it pissed me off so bad I ended up getting a reader to do a review on my behalf instead.

But as, well, everything in the tech world, things do get better. I’m currently holding on to the new LG Mini (LG GD880) now and frankly it ain’t half bad. Besides being really, really tiny, I immediately took to it like a fish to water and started to SMS, tweet and perform all manner of Facebook activities with much ease. Battery life’s good, the display’s sharp and it is also the first mobile from LG to use their HTML 5-compatible Phantom browser which gives one a faster and more stable internet experience. Yes, the LG Mini fully supports Gmail, Google Maps, the list just goes on and on.

And for just SGD568 (without contract), it really ain’t that pricey at all, is it?

In a nutshell? I like.

And speaking of small tiny things, the newly launched Apple iPhone4 has got everyone buzzing. Though still slightly bigger than the LG Mini, it is smaller (and thinner) compared to the current models.

Short of beaming you home and serving you dinner, it seems like this new iPhone can do much everything else. And knowing me, it will probably be another 2 years or so before I make the switch myself. Yes, I’m a big fan of Apple (I’ve got a pair of iMacs in my study, an iPhone 3G and planning to get a Macbook Pro this weekend), but remember I’ve said earlier I’m a pretty slow adapter too?

Yes folks, a MacBook Pro, and not an iPad as previously discussed. Sure, those soon-to-released iPad cases from Louis Vuitton, and Gucci are pretty tempting, but I’ve got my priorities to consider. I need a workhorse to bring with me when I head overseas, and having a giant tablet without Photoshop for me just won’t do.

But for those of you who are getting (or have gotten) an iPad, do consider getting the Original Wrapsol for it. Tough yet thin (I’ve got myself one for my iPhone currently), its optically crystal-clear screen film ensures excellent visibility while providing great scratch-proof protection. Besides offering a lifetime replacement warranty (that’s how good it is), a version for the iPhone4 will also be coming out in July 2010. Just ring 6296-4268 to find out more.

Images: Apple, LG & Original Wrapsol

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