Bagaholicboy Muses #189 – Exotica!

I’ve been wanting to do a post on exotics bags and SLGs for the longest time, not because I wanted to do an in-depth analysis of why exotic skins are better than regular leathers, or how once you go exotic you never go back. I know for a fact that many are split into 2 camps when it comes to exotics. One half considers them an extreme waste of money, while the other  half revel in the fact that exotics are far less common, more exclusive and thus, much better.

As for me, I’m not here to take sides or convince either camp  to think otherwise. For me, this is simply an opportunity for me to post eye candies and be completely himbo. First up we’ve got the Louis Vuitton Délicieux PM from the Pre-Fall 2010 Womens Louis Vuitton collection in ‘brilliant burgundy crocodile’.

Stunning? Completely…

Next up, one of my favourite pieces from Louis Vuitton, the Alma MM in ‘black ostrich’. I know some people are adverse to ostrich, saying how the unique quill pattern reminds them of huge unsightly pores. Interestingly, the use and supply of ostrich leather only really started in the 1960s.

Another iconic piece dressed up in python skin is the Mulberry Bayswater, with the skin intentionally distressed to an ultra soft finish with pale gold highlights. Retailing for GBP2500 each (or around SGD5200 at today’s exchange rate), the reality is that exotic skins are not really that expensive in the first place, considering the fact that you’re also paying a premium because of the luxury name that’s attached to the piece.

Take the Hermès Compact Constance Wallet in alligator for example. Retailing for SGD14,400, it costs more than a regular 30 cm Birkin (around SGD13,300 in Singapore at the moment) but that’s beside the point, isn’t it?

Exotics are also getting more commonplace on the runway as well, as seen in this bird clutch that’s made of python skin and suede leather from the Spring-Summer 2010 Womens Miu Miu collection that was a hit with its whimsical and quirky pieces.

And no, I’ve not forgotten the boys. Remember the Monogram Macassar portfolio I introduced yesterday? Here’s the exotic twin, in matt black python skin. And while I’m lusting over it myself I know it will probably end up costing me a kidney and my first-born.

This however, I think I can probably afford, the Porte-Cartes Simple from Louis Vuitton that comes in alligator. Available in 5 different colours including brilliant Black, Red, Purple and Grey; my personal favourite is the one shown above, in Camel.

Images: Hermès, Miu MiuMulberry & Louis Vuitton

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