Spring-Summer 2010 Mens Hermès

It is becoming a tradition for Hermès to launch a tie and neckwear catalogue during S/S10 to highlight their exquisite offerings. Besides the ties which are in abundance in this season’s catalogue, a few more unusual pieces caught my eye. For example a Carré 70 in ‘vintage’ silk (SGD490), loosely rolled and tied around the neck matched with a black tee and loads of attitude.

A long-time favourite of mine, a large knitted cotton losange that should retail for around SGD1000 a pop. I could be wrong about the price, but I remembered how sensuous it felt on my skin till I saw the price tag and backed off. It’s definitely not going to be a never; instead I’ve decided to wait and turn it into a special treat for myself when the appropriate time arrives.

And more unusual are these scarf-ties in ‘vintage’ silk (SGD370) which I’ve never seen before. Are they scarves, or are they ties? Are they some new-fangled hybrids that I missed along the way? Personally I think they are lovely but I would really like to know how they’re worn.

Will someone out there kindly enlighten me?

Images: Hermès

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  • richard says:

    Hi, the tie scarf can be worn as a conventional tie, single knot as it is very thin. It can also be worn as a scarf (opened), however this will mean that you will have to iron it back into its 4 folds to keep the form. You can also wear it as a “neckerchief” in place of the conventional tie. Or it can be tied loosely (SA from Hermes will need to guide on the proper way of tying this) with a shirt for a relaxed look. Its quite a versatile piece, but I have yet to wear mine! I love the 70 by 70 silk scarf.

  • Jien says:

    bb the scarf ties are amazing.. not really a scarf per-se.. more like a tie/cravat.

    They are uniquely Hermes if I recall, as I have not ran into them anywhere else.

    I wear it like a tie usually and sometimes as a cravat.

  • brieuc75 says:

    hello my friend, it’s both tie and scarf. Don’t forget i’m specialize in Hermès and you can view how to wear it here on my blog :


  • yed says:

    ooooh. love those new scarf ties! i bought one last year and have used it as a casual neck tie on a white polo shirt and a shirt a couple of times. love it. i think it would be a nice collection of sorts…hehehe…

    i love the vintagey look of those black and white ones! oh no, i think this means i should head to the hermes stores here! hehehe…at hk now!

  • Ybee says:

    I bought a blue one, really nice, you can use it as the normal tie or scarf.

  • Melvin says:

    awesome collection!

  • missyeley says:

    use them as bandages. classy stylish bandages.

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