Head Porter Croco Zip Wallet

Now that Head Porter ships internationally, there is really no reason not to add delightful pieces from this famed Japanese brand to your collection. And because nothing is created equal, I’ve also heard the Head Porter is considered supreme to Porter by fans, who consider everything from the latter to be rubbish. But because I’m just here to introduce Head Porter, my personal opinion about  Porter will remain unpublished for the time being.

So what do I like from Head Porter? Check out the Head Porter Croco Zip Wallet, which comes in 4 bright colours and retail for JPY16,275 (around SGD240 or so) each. At those prices you can guarantee it’s not real crocodile, but hey, it still ain’t bad either right?

I’m also loving the Head Porter Tweed Boston Bag (JPY15,225 or SGD225 or so), a gorgeous weekender that measures 38 cm by 26 cm.

Tote-lovers, take note. Head Porter has this gayer-than-gay tote with huge rainbow stripes that are silkscreen down the front (and the back) of the tote. Simply called the Head Porter Gala, this JPY17,850 (SGD262 or so) tote measures 65 cm across at it’s widest point and comes in Black as well as White.

Besides the ones I’ve featured above, there are loads more available online, from bags to SLGS in animal prints to gingham to solid colours. What else can I say? It’s time to shop!

Images: Head Porter

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  • Maria says:

    That’s why Porter is much cheaper than Head Porter…thanks for sharing that they shipped internationally…another new site for me to start online shopping…hehehehe..thanks BB

  • Karin says:

    The zip wallet looks yummy!
    I do agree that Porter’s (International) quality isn’t very good, since I own a few pieces myself.

  • Gregory says:

    LOVE the wallets. They come in a contrasting tones as well as the normal neutrals. Might replace my CDG embossed leather zip-arounds.
    ‘gayer-than-gay tote’ Hah !

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