Envirosax Slingsax

To be launched tomorrow island wide is the new Envirosax Slingsax,which is made is from certified 45% recycled polyester. A great alternative to the regular Envirosax, this particular design is most definitely unisex. Which just means one thing. Ladies, your men will no longer have any excuse not to help you out with your groceries. You don’t have to endure excuses like ‘Honey, those totes make me look sissy’, which I’ve heard is a reason boyfriends and husbands always use whenever they’re expected to chip in and help.

Available in 3 different designs at SGD22.90 each, pick them up at TANGS or Takashimaya Department Store. And if you really want your men to help out, stick with the design on the left, which is more ‘masculine’ than the bi-coloured one with ‘onion’ prints.

On the other hand, if you guys want your womenfolk to be happy managing groceries on their own, than consider getting them something from the Envirosax Origami collection (SGD12.90 each), a set of 5 pretty Japanese-themed totes that no kawaii-loving lady will say no to.

Images: Eco-Rhapsody

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