Bagaholicboy Profiles #20 – Travel The World Of Hermès

Consider this an update, since it has been over a year since I first did a post on the Hermès corporate site. Simply called ‘Travel The World Of Hermès’, it is a veritable wonderland of flash games, ‘how-to guides’ and short video clips. It is also updated frequently, and my favourites this time round include ‘les Kelly de Leila’, showcase of special, crazy, one-of-a-kind Kellys that’s not only an eye-opener but one that makes the heart aflutter…

Another flash clip explains the inner workings of 690 Madison Avenue, a four-storey temple devoted to the masculine world of Hermès. The clip also clearly explains the inner workings of each level, with lovely hand-illustrated drawings that are both delightful and adorable. For someone who’s never been to NYC, it’s certainly an ‘experience’ for me.

And last but not least, make your very own Hermès CDC bracelets by downloading their PDF guides (in 6 different designs no less), getting them printed out and putting them together with a pair of scissors, some glue and a lot of creativity.

A wonderful world indeed…

Images: Hermès

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