Mulberry Tooled Roxanne Tote

As far as totes go, this is as simple as it gets. 3 pieces of natural saddle leather, sewn together, along with 2 leather handles. On the front and back, a tooled design of Mulberry’s famous Roxanne, along with some star motifs for that added whimsical touch. Measuring 31 cm by 20 cm, it only has 1 D ring on the inside. No slots, no pockets.

Boxy, unlined and clean. Introducing the Mulberry Tooled Roxanne Tote that retails for GBP195 (in Singapore it is retailing for SGD550). Personally I’m torn. On one hand it’s not a tote that’s really special, but on the other hand you can’t really fault it since it is basically a simple tote in full leather at a rather affordable price.

Yay? Or nay?

Image: Mulberry

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  • Veronica says:

    Okay, thanks alot for the quick answer!

  • Veronica says:

    I have this bag, its wonderful! I love this bag! It reminds me of the Celine cabas bag.

    But I have a question, Does anyone know if this bag has a serial number? In mine bag it is a tag that just says ’25’ is that the serial number? My bag is bought in a Mulberry store in Sweden for around 3000 swedish kronor (195 pounds) so I know that the bag is authentic but I think that it is so strange with the serial number…

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Mulberry bags don’t usually come with serial numbers, so the ’25’ bit could just be something relating to production matters, nothing serious if you ask me so no worries there.

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