Miu Miu Medium Coffer

We all know there’s the iconic Coffer, but did you know the Coffer actually comes in 3 different sizes? Chancing upon these gorgeous new colours for S/S10 at Diabro, I couldn’t help posting them up here. The Miu Miu Medium Coffer is definitely smaller than the regular Coffer, and for the sake of comparison, stands at 22 cm versus 30 cm for the regular.

There’s also a 3rd size, the Miu Miu Baby Coffer which stands at just 20.5 cm. Sensibly speaking, the medium Coffer would be the better choice since the difference in height is almost negligible compared to the baby Coffer. Priced at USD1391.30 each at Diabro, the medium Coffer is available in 3 gorgeous colours including Fiordaliso (bluish-grey), Corallo (coral) and Quarzo (quartz).

I’ve been smitten with all things blue lately, so no prizes for guessing which of the 3 is my personal favourite. And in case anyone’s wondering, Diabro does sell authentic goods and the Miu Miu pieces are generally priced lower than what you would pay in Singapore.

Images: Diabro

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