Jack Spade Printed Industrial Canvas Market Tote

Fancy a goat on your tote? And that’s not all. If you look closely, you will see that Mr Goat is having tea (or coffee)  as well, with a mug clenched in his left hoof. I spotted this earlier at Kate Spade in Raffles City Shopping Centre earlier today, which also offers a small selection of Jack Spade bags and SLGs. The Jake Spade Printed Industrial Canvas Market Tote is large, roomy and lightweight, comes unlined but packed with pockets and slots on the inside.

Additionally, it comes with a shoulder strap as well as tote handles, so you can carry it one of 2 ways. The price ain’t bad either, retailing for just SGD280 which is really decent for those looking for a casual weekend tote.

My only gripe? If you order it direct from the online site you will only pay USD72.50 (or 50% off the list price due to the fact that it’s already on sale). Which only proves my point about Jack Spade locally. Not only are we getting past seasons’ collections, we are faced with having to pay for those pieces at full retail prices. It’s no wonder then that more and more fans of Jack Spade are buying it online instead.

Image: Jack Spade

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  • David says:

    I love the goat! But how can we get Jack Spade to ship to Singapore? Jack Spade online doesn’t seem to accept Singapore credit cards. I also tried vConcierge but they rejected my request too!

  • Addy says:

    Agreed. Unless it’s 70% discount locally, I usually buy from the online site. Even after accounting for shipping, the price is still cheaper.

  • germaine says:

    Kate’s a little more advanced than Jack, but similarly, a lot of their stuff goes on sale online first.

  • Brendan Kong says:

    I concur with you that consumer’s who are fans of Jack Spade should be purchasing via the online US site, the prices are shockingly (in a positive note) much cheaper.

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