Hermès Ulysse MM Agenda Cover

I’ve been looking around for an agenda for the longest time ever since I sold my Taiga Medium Ring Agenda Cover sometime back. And as much as I love Louis Vuitton, it somehow just didn’t work for me. Lately I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting the Hermès Ulysse MM Agenda Cover instead, which is slightly smaller than A4 at 23 cm by 18.5 cm.

Price-wise, it wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be, at just SGD460 (EUR193) a pop. Which ain’t bad considering it’s all leather and comes in a wide variety of colours. The refills don’t cost too much either, ranging from SGD108 to SGD115 (3 types are available; blank, ruled or blank with coloured dividers).

So should I? Or not?

And just for those who are also toying with the idea of getting a Ulysse, there’s also a smaller version in PM (SGD330 or EUR136) available which measures 16 cm by 13.5 cm (or slightly smaller than A5) with refills ranging from SGD82 to SGD100. I guess it’s time to hit Hermès Liat Towers tomorrow for a quick look-see.

Image: Hermès

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  • A Norwegian says:

    I have a green one and love it! So nice and soft and great to carry around everywhere!

  • Jas says:

    are these agendas much cheaper in france or not much difference as compared to singapore? any idea?

  • theknees says:

    ohhh is this what you bought?

  • belbel says:

    orange… hermes = orange colour… orange = hermes

    i can only associate hermes with orange. i think hermes got “spa” rite? dunno how much it cost to make them look clean after usage

    i’m thinking of getting the PM instead.. .easy to put inside bags or anything… but the refill kinda too ex for comfort.

    do u have any other suggestion for refills? anything that will fit nicely?

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