Fall-Winter 2010 Womens Chanel

In the centre of the Grand Palais stood a huge white box, and when it was unveiled drew appreciate applause. For sitting in the middle were large blocks of glaciers that were specially imported from Scandinavia. Yes, huge blocks, flown (or shipped) to Paris, than reportedly sent back the very next day albeit smaller from all that melting. The setting was one that was befitting the White Witch of Narnia (think Tilda Swinton), complete with ‘polar bears’ in the form of models Brad Koenig and Baptiste Giabiconi.

Thankfully, that was as controversial as it got. All the fur used on the bags was fake (and here was I wondering how many cute furry woodland animals had to be sacrificed for the bags). Theme-wise, think Eskimo-meets-Yeti-meets-the-Arctic and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what was on show. From backpacks to hot water bottle carriers, to slinky evening bags lined with fake fur and faux python.

Classics (as always) were re-interpreted, and while I adored the ‘splattered’ Classic Flap, the one with too much fur and what look like recycled friendship bands (remember those?) left me scratching my head.

And last but not least, my personal favourites from the Fall-Winter 2010 Womens Chanel runway presentation; the white furry evening bag and the ice cube clutch with the fur-trimmed diamante-filled logo. Precious!

Images: Gorunway

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