Bagaholicboy Muses #176 – My 10 Signature Picks!

I’ve already done my 10 iconic bags post and while I think it’s a pretty good selection, I’ll be the first to admit that there are more than 10 lust-worthy bags in this world.

And because not everyone can be an icon, I’m taking a leaf out of LA Times Magazine’s latest feature ‘50: Signature Bags‘ and picked 10 signature bags. Honestly with such gorgeous illustrations by Jameson Simpson, it was really hard sticking to just 10. But here goes…

From left to right (row by row) we’ve got Marc Jacobs Stam, Givenchy Nightingale, Chloé Paraty, Prada Gauffre, YSL Easy and Goyard Saint Louis. Most of the bags here are pretty new, with the exception of the Goyard Saint Louis of course. Still, as a whole they are all pretty special in their own little way.

In my opinion severely underrated, the Hermès Kelly is my personal pick over her younger sister Birkin. Nuff said.

Honestly I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Dior Lady Dior Cannage during my early days as a blogger, but seeing all your snapshots over the years has at least made me appreciate it a little bit more.

Its trademark look is the geometric grid, stitched onto supple lambskin (or any other materials befitting the season’s collection) that’s inspired by Dior’s vintage cannage quilting technique.

This one is fast becoming an icon in its own right. Introducing the Alexander Wang Rocco, which has been selling very well in Singapore (available at On Pedder). A cross between a gym bag and a duffle, it sure looks like it will be around season after season for a long time to come.

And last but not the least, the ‘everywoman’ bag, the Longchamp Le Pliage. Just to give you an idea of how popular it is, every season’s press kits make no mention of the new colours that are coming out for the Le Pliage and instead focuses on the other collections. In other words, even if Longchamp doesn’t do anything to promote it, that wouldn’t matter much either as the bag pretty much sells itself anyway.

Check out all 50 picks by LA Times Magazine here (though honestly most of them are rather trashy), and if you like, why not compile your very own 10 picks and post them right here?

Images: Jameson Simpson, LA Times Magazine

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