Voyage d’Hermès

Inspired by Joe’s post, as well as my own assaulted olfactories during the first day of my in-camp training (something only Singaporean men can truly identify with), I was left wondering about scents all day. Sore about forgetting to bring a little vial to ward off bad odours, my mind slowly drifted to a press release I just read a couple days back.

Due to be launched in March 2010, Voyage d’Hermès is an accentuated composition of fresh wood and musk. Created by in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena who was given free rein to create this new fragrance, the name is meant to conjure the essence of travel. Marketed as a unisex scent, Voyage d’Hermès will cost EUR63 for a 35 ml edt, or  EUR85.23 for the 100 ml edt.

I can’t wait.

Image: Hermès

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