Louis Vuitton Malletier Ad Campaign

I don’t even know where to begin with the images from the Louis Vuitton Malletier ad campaign, which some have called dishonest for portraying the idea that everything at Louis Vuitton is indeed hand-made, which is definitely not the case.

But Mark (of Freshmess fame), sums it up most aptly by saying this

‘And every now and then, we need a little stroke of romance behind the products we buy. That at one point or another, the bag we carry or the shoe we put on has been touched, hand-finished and brushed by a skilled artisan at a workshop in a French countryside.

After all, when we buy a Louis Vuitton, we buy a dream, a love story. And at other times, more than we’d like to admit, we buy an illusion.’

I couldn’t agree more. And Mark, if you’re reading this, let it be known that I’m officially smitten with the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Cabas Zippé. I saw it today, fell in love with it and almost brought it home.


Images: Louis Vuitton

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  • nana says:

    sigh… the evil of industrialization… for the good/nature of the brand is forgotten

  • F. says:

    Take it easy ppl. Lv items are hand crafted with machine assistance. That is the right way to put it. Putting it bluntly it is a very fine line, the fact remains, an artisan is still needed at each step to guide the machine and to counter check works of the previous artisan. Imagine to produce a speedy 10 artisan are involved. A pass on to B, tham B to C, than C to D, along the way B counter checks A, C checks B and A work, and so on.

    As a matter of fact we shld be glad things are machine assisted, how else can you get stitching ever so neat and even, and i bet you machine assistance give stitching stronger than human stitching. What worst to fully hand stitch, i think you will face a constant shortage of gooda in the stores lol.

  • Bagaholicboy says:

    At the end of the day, I personally believe that nothing is 100% hand-made anymore, luxury or otherwise.

    I just feel that it’s good to know the origins of every item you buy, and whether you choose to support any brand in the end is really up to you.

    Celine for example, is made in China. Shocking? Yes.

    But I still choose to spend my money on the bag that I love.

    • deluxeduck says:

      most of Coach and some Burberry items are made in China too.

    • aboutbags says:

      actually making a leather product is not an easy task ..many different process, so it is difficult to be 100% handmade.

      but u still need the human hands, eyes and knowledge/skills to help to achieve the creations… so with the help of machinery or even special tool… these will refine the workmanship and the quality of the products.

  • The ad is good, but at the same time, it is quite deceiving too.

  • Bag Brag says:

    It is an ad, to serve its marketing purposes. Deal with it!

  • ClaireL says:

    Wow, I had no idea such dedicated, gorgeous models were spending such time on my handbags.

  • If all artisans are that good looking, then I will believe in this series of ads. But ads sells dream… it’s what motivates us to make a purchase. Ad people are good ‘seductress’. They use beauty to lure in the big bucks…

  • richard says:

    why do you say all is not handmade? I thought all was…do find out out different?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Because truthfully not everything at LV is 100% hand-made… sometimes machines are used to speed up or ease the process.

      • richard says:

        I beg to differ, due to spoken facts, informative fact sheets provided by LV and watched videos of construction….

        unless you have proof to contradict? hand-made is what makes it so expensive, not the actual canvas used.

        • Bagaholicboy says:

          Dude, not everything at LV is 100% hand-made, it is just not economically possible. Did you read the report from Business Week?

          ‘There’s just one tiny detail missing. Hardly any Vuitton bags or wallets are handmade. While reporting an article on Vuitton in 2004, I visited one of its factories in the village of Ducey near Mont St. Michel. There I saw rows of workers seated at sewing machines, stitching together machine-cut pieces of canvas and leather. The partially finished bags were rolled from one workstation to the next on metal carts.’

          • Sara Clarke says:

            The main point to remember is it’s made in it’s birthplace – France – they have never sold their souls to higher profits and turned their manufacturing over to China (are you reading this Burberry?)

          • richard says:

            Thanks for that reminder and I wouldn’t believe what freelancer (Carol Matlack) who works for Business Week in Russia and before that worked as an editor for a journal, writes.

            She writes in a narrative style with fun loose jumping words to attract and favor those who are bitter over the LVMH profits. To each its’ own. I’m just a die hard LV fan!

          • Dejiki Nicholas says:

            I know it’s not 100% hand-made, but some parts still have the “hand-stitched” look. Like how the handles attach to the bag? Most of the Vuitton bags have that stitching that looks like the “2-needle/saddle” technique (as seen on Hermès Products) seen in the third photo.

            Are those stitched by hand or the machines can actually do it now?

          • deluxeduck says:

            i don’t think its fair to say that LV items aren’t hand made at all. these things do not come out of a machine fully formed. human hands still held the pieces together guiding it through the sewing machine, it is still human hands that painted the red sealant on the edges of the leathers, it is still human hands that hammers the brass rivets in place.

        • BV says:

          Richard, go and read a book called “How Luxury Lost its Lustre”…All die hard LV fans should get their facts straight. Brand fanatics know about this too.

          And I personally find the ad somewhat mesmerizing, but it doesn’t portray the truth after all…

  • freshmess says:

    I got quoted, woot. Thanks, alvin!

    And now I’m scared about the Zippé. Yikes!

  • yed says:

    it is out in the stores now?!?!? wow. i seriously can’t wait to see the new taiga collection! hehe. is it REALLY that nice? hehehe…

    and yes, i so agree with mark over that statement.

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