LG New Chocolate: A Reader’s Review

I’ve been sitting on the LG New Chocolate (LG BL40) review set like forever and since I know that I would never do it justice (by rushing into it), I decided to seek out a reader of mine who got himself the same mobile phone last December. And as far as reviews go, this is going to be as honest (and truthful) as it gets. And before we get started, thanks again goes out to Timothy Huang who replied to my long list of questions.

Q: Of all the mobiles in the market, why did you choose the LG New Chocolate?
A: Firstly, I must say that initially I was contemplating either the iPhone or the New Choc. Secondly, I was impressed and captivated by the design of the latter. I mean the concept is simply brilliant, not to mention the sleek design of the phone. Ultimately, its wide screen was a bonus, truly one of its kind.

Q: It’s been called everything from frustrating to an absolute chore to use. What was the first hurdle it posed to you?
A: Well, I would agree to a small extent that the phone may not be the most user-friendly model but to name it as ‘an absolute chore’? That’s just rude! The first hurdle would probably be the batt life! I mean, it is definitely not as good as most other mobile phones in the market.

Q: How long have you been using it? And what would you say is the most useful/greatest feature of the New Choc?
A: Quite some time in fact, since 15 December 2009 to be exact. Without a doubt, the 4″ display with the 21:9 ratio screen; it certainly brings watching movies on a mobile phone to new heights!

Q: Besides function, was there any other reason that prompted you to get this particular model?
A: Design design design! I cannot stress enough how the beauty of this phone would beat majority of the mobile phones hands down simply based on its aesthetic appeal!

Q: Worst feature you wish could be changed/modified?
A: As mentioned earlier, the battery life is could be better/longer. I also wish there was a solution for the mild ‘lag’ the New Choc produces at times. The ‘copy and paste function’ is not relevant nor applicable in most cases either. And it will be good if the keyboard was more sensitive as there are times it gets really frustrating due to its low sensitivity.

Q: If you had to start over and pick another mobile, would it still be the New Choc? And why?
A: From a fashion viewpoint the New Choc has the best design as compared to other phones in the market. Who knows, it could set the trend for the next generation of mobile phones, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it happens. From a technical viewpoint it may not rise up to the expectations like that of the iPhone or even the BlackBerry. I won’t deny there’s room for improvement but ultimately I’m impressed with mobile phone I’ve got.

Priced at SGD988 without contract, check out the LG New Chocolate at mobile retail shops islandwide.

Image: LG

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