Kate Moss For Longchamp Collection Ad Campaign

Sometimes I can be very difficult. And on those days that I am, whatever that’s put in front of me will be analysed, scruntised and picked on till the cows come home. Take for example the Kate Moss For Longchamp collection ad campaign stills that I just received in my inbox. Usually I’ll just bit as happy as a lark and post them up quickly, with my usual quips on what and why you got to buy as once as it launches.

Today however, I’m being difficult. My question is this: why did Longchamp have to sex up the ads so much when they are primarily targeted at women? So instead of selling Kate’s hot almost naked upper torso, shouldn’t the focus be on the bags? Strangely, all the bags are also placed close to her bosom. Are women supposed to be turned on and then rush out to get themselves a bag or two?

Still, like I just mentioned earlier, I’m just being difficult today so don’t mind me.

More updates to come, including release dates and prices for the Glastonbury, Ladbroke and Gloucester, all designed by Kate Moss in collaboration with Longchamp. And don’t forget to check out the Kate Moss For Longchamp microsite as well, it’s a hoot!

Images: Longchamp

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