Bagaholicboy News #135 – Hickoree’s Now Ships Internationally!

Many of you out there got excited when I did the post on the Heritage Leather Co. 16″ Canvas Mason Bag, but because they did not ship internationally I was thankful I had a friend in the States who could do it on my behalf.

Loads of you who had friends and relatives there also did the same, but there were still more out there who did not have the luxury of doing so. Short of bringing in the bags myself and selling them back to you, I did the next best thing. I dropped Hickoree’s Hard Goods an email, asking them about the possibility of taking on international orders.

A couple more emails were sent back and forth, and I’ve got good news. Effective today they will be taking orders outside of the States, but since their shopping cart has not been configured as yet, they will be doing so via email. Figure out what you want, send them an email and wait for their reply on the actual shipping charges and the payment process. It’s that simple!

Happy shopping!

Image: Hickoree’s Hard Goods

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  • Terri says:

    Oh… you are such a gem! I hate it when they don’t ship things internationally… especially to Australia, it seems like we are way off the boundaries!

  • Coffe says:

    I’m waiting for the parrott canvas so I don’t mind waiting a while, then use vpost…

    Btw we need to pay for shipping within the states, so total shldnt exceed SGD400.

    I don’t like GST…

  • WS says:

    Can’t vPOST it? Would be much cheaper, I think.

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