Bagaholicboy News #133 – Burberry Sale!

I think the e-flyer pretty much speaks for itself, but in case anyone can’t see it, Burberry will be having their sale from 4 February 2010 to 7 February 2010 at Singapore Expo. Discounts will start from as low as 30% to as high as 80% so expect huge crowds and lots of jostling.

Besides cash and credit cards be sure to bring the following as well: a bottle of mineral water (keeping hydrated is key), an umbrella (helps to ‘poke’ people out of the way) and most importantly a trusted friend/relative (to prevent impulse buys).

And before I sign off, here’s a quick update on the Gucci Paravanda Frida collection. Gucci will start accepting reservations (100% payment required) on the Gucci Paravanda Frida Special Edition Boston from this Saturday (6 February 2010), and with just only 78 pieces priced at SGD1280 I’d expect to be gone in a heartbeat.

What’s more, if you go early enough you will even get the chance to choose the serial number you prefer. Each bag will also have the words ‘Singapore Exclusive’ embossed on the interior.

Image: Burberry

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