Bagaholicboy Muses #160 – Hello. My Name Is Alvin And I Am A Bagaholic…

Hello. My name is Alvin and I am a bagaholic.

I don’t really remember when it started, but if I recall correctly it happened the very first time I plonked down good money for a Bequia Leather wallet. It was a runway offering and back then I was so thrilled it was actually mine. A week or two later I went back and got the matching card case in a different colour.

I blame Kenny for that. But he’s no longer working at Louis Vuitton so that’s that.

A month or so later, we walked in again and I picked up the Monogram Canvas Keepall45. The one with a shoulder strap. And things went downhill from there. I started picking up more and more pieces over time. A coin purse here. A key and change holder there. At one time I had 50 items from Louis Vuitton in my collection, everything from bags to bandeaus to SLGs and books. I just kept buying and buying.

I became a LV fanatic and I blame Javier, Mark, and everyone at tPf for that.

Then it got worse.

I was introduced to the world of Balenciaga by a reader of mine who knew a seller whose prices were unbeatable. I now have 2 Weekenders that I love, with a third possibly coming in March 2010. And a CP I have never used.

Along the way the brands I owned became more varied. A coated-canvas tote from Gucci, another from Mulberry. Canvas totes from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Le Pliage totes from Longchamp (shown above). I just kept going and going.

Then it got even worse.

I started looking at the more expensive brands and very soon I had a small collection of items from Goyard, including a Saint Louis GM and a Boeing45. Then I moved on to leather, because after my luscious Weekender nothing else smelled better or felt nicer than a bag that was 100% leather.

And that’s how I ended up with my Mabel Holdall from Mulberry which I picked up in London last year. Thick, luscious and so darn sexy, it felt really good stroking it whenever I felt down. More recently I also purchased the F/W09 Mens Calle from Loewe that cost me a small fortune but in my opinion worth every single cent.

Which brings us back to today. I’m thinking of spending SGD4000 on a runway piece from Louis Vuitton that’s 80% fabric (again no thanks to Mark). But at the same time I’m also thinking I should just save all the money and eventually get the H.A.C which has always been a dream for me. So on one hand while I really love that runway piece, deep down I know spending that much for something that’s not even 50% leather goes against everything I have been preaching here since Day 1.

I also feel that because the H.A.C is my personal holy grail, once I’ve achieved it there will nothing else worth lusting for. It’s like when you already have a penthouse apartment, you can’t really go any higher than that can you?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

My name is Alvin, and I am happy being a bagaholic.

Images: Stanley Lui

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