Updated Again – Balenciaga Leather Pouch

This is what I know. According to a spokesperson from NETPRICE Japan, stocks are really low for the Balenciaga Leather Pouch that’s now up for grabs at just SGD50 or so. And that’s not all. From what I was told, the manufacturing license for this particular model is also expiring, which also means after this batch runs out that’s it.

For those of you who’ve already gotten one (and would like one more), or those still on the fence, now is the time to decide because this sale ends at 12 noon today. It’s really simple to order too, just sign up with vPOST, make the order at NETPRICE Japan and send the invoice number to vPOST once the transaction is complete. vPOST will then pick up the item on your behalf and have it mailed to your address. That’s it!

Image: NETPRICE Japan
This is an advertorial courtesy of NETPRICE Japan

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  • pb says:

    it has been 16 days since this post appeared and i placed my order and my pouch is still being taken hostage somewhere..

    wished i has used tenso instead. i don’t get why is vpost being so difficult. it’s never like this on other sites such as borderlinx.

  • Vpost just called me today. Problem with their system has been resolved and I made my payment rightaway. Strangely though, the 10% discount for UOB cardholders didn’t come up despite keying in the promo code. I couldn’t be bothered with that. I just want my items shipped.

    Germaine, sorry to hear about your experience. I too, had placed several calls to Vpost on this glitch and various problems. To be fair to the customer service, they have been really helpful. The cracks seemed to be from Japan and system. Hope your Miu Miu will be shipped in good condition.

    Helen and R_s, somehow I didn’t have that problem when I bought my loot from Netprice. Sure, it wasn’t translated in perfect English but was pretty easy to understand. I didn’t have problems with them on the 2 occasions I bought from Netprice.

  • shupperila says:

    I got mine in Grey last wednesday!

    Shipping was a b**** tho, cost me $21 via vPost Japan.

    But i <3 it!

  • Helen says:

    I tried ordering too… keyed in my credit card no and but the screen was in Japanese which I couldn’t understand! I checked and wrote to Netprice. Apparently my order didn’t get through. The good thing was the monies wasn’t charged to my card. Since then I didn’t dare try again.

  • R_s says:

    Ok, the website is giving me a headache. The pouch looks really nice and I would love to buy it. But all the Japanese words are intimidating even with Google translation. Which button is supposed to be the ‘buy now’ button. Totally clueless here. Help anyone.

  • Nicole says:

    hi bagaholicboy, i’ve tried searching your blog for the contact of a bag base/shaper for the LV neverfull, i remembered reading about it somewhere on your blog, could you pls let me have that contact? i have to save my sagging bag, thanks alot!

  • Amy says:

    Are items sold in Netprice genuine? Wonder how they have so much in stock and does the brand sell to Netprice in bulk?

    Could not find out whether they deliver to Malaysia despite allowing to change origin country to Malaysia.

  • But vPOST Japan is such a pain. They have a system glitch that doesn’t allow us to pay and now they are still fixing the problem rather than getting customers’ orders sorted out first.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Thought that were already sorted out and settled?

      • germaine says:

        BB I have been wrangling with vPOST Japan for more than two weeks on the delivery of my order from NETPRICE. It is not solved.

        NETPRICE informed me that vPOST Japan received my items on 23 December. Since then I have made about six phone calls and sent about as many emails. First, a single Japanese public holiday on 30 December meant that my item was held in limbo for 10 days. Then, the system miscalculated the value of my order and no one could fix it for me. I only just made payment today, and then I find that Track & Trace claims I already accepted final delivery of my items last week.

        vPOST Japan kept telling me what their problems were and whose fault it was (the technical people, the system, Japan) but not once did anyone attempt to solve MY problem.

        I have had mostly above-average experiences with vPOST USA so far. But with vPOST Japan… buyer, beware.

        Also, it’s not just the $50 pouch. There is a Miu Miu handbag in that shipment too, and I am heartsick at the prospect that it has been languishing in potentially damp conditions for more than a fortnight. Or worse, that it may have been lost in transit or in the vPOST Japan ‘system’…

        • Bagaholicboy says:

          My stomach churned when I read the words ‘damp’ and ‘languishing’. Honestly I’ve used vPOST Japan twice and I had no issues, which is why I’m very surprised this is happening now.

          Do keep us updated on the outcome and thank you for sharing with us here.

          • germaine says:

            Thanks for letting me share! I am really quite worried about that Miu Miu bag…

          • germaine says:

            Update: Three weeks after my Netprice item arrived at vPOST Japan, it’s finally been delivered to my home!!! Fortunately there were enough sachets of silica gel in the packaging, and both the bag and the pouch are fine. Whewww.

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