Update – Louis Vuitton New Taiga Collection

I’ve just received fresh updates regarding the Louis Vuitton New Taiga collection so for those who’ve been waiting patiently for the information the time has come. Before we start let me first introduce the colours so no one gets confused. We’ve got 3 new colours, namely Boréal (deep navy blue), Glacier (grey) and Polarie (brownish-beige).

First up we’ve got the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Cabas Zippé, which according to the list I’ve got will only come in one colour, Boréal. The one shown above is actually Glacier, which is also my preferred colour for this particular design.

I’m praying hard that the list I’ve got is not the final one.

This my friends, is Boréal. Surprisingly it does not cost as much as previously expected and will actually retail for just SGD3520 (keeping in mind that this is full leather after all).

Next we’ve got the huge backpack, officially known as the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Sac A Dos which will only come in Polaire as shown above. Retailing for SGD7400, it is the most expensive piece in this new collection of Taiga bags.

Also known as the suitcase, the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Mitka will only come in 2 colours (Boréal and Glacier) and will retail for SGD6150. Less expensive than the backpack and much more practical, this will sit well with those who travel often for regional business trips.

More work-related pieces, including this briefcase that comes in 2 sizes. The larger of the 2, the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Vassili GM will only be available in Boréal and Glacier , retailing for SGD3670. The smaller one (and in this case I mean it will be thinner), the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Vassili PM will come in all 3 colours and retail for SGD3100.

Next, the slightly more casual Louis Vuitton New Taiga Roman GM which is versatile enough for both work or play at SGD2880. Like the New Taiga Vassili GM it will only come in Boréal and Glacier. Then there is the slightly smaller Louis Vuitton New Taiga Roman PM, available in all 3 colours and retailing for SGD2300 a pop.

Also known as the ‘square’ messenger, the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Milo will come in all 3 colours and retail for SGD2540 each.

And last but not least, the baby of the lot, the Louis Vuitton New Taiga Sasha, a flat sling bag for those ‘small days’, when you need to be out and about but don’t want to carry too much at the same time. It is also the most affordable item in the 9-piece collection, retailing for SGD1760 each.

So tell me, is anyone out there eyeing anything in this collection? If I had to pick just one it would be the New Taiga Cabas Zippé. What about you?

Images: Louis Vuitton

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  • My friend got the bag for me yesterday…his boyfriend is taking it home to manila tomorrow. He says there is a small scratch on the bag…quite worried about it.

  • OMG I’m so going to singapore…hahahaha

  • How much is the Zippé in Singapore? They still don’t have it here in Manila…they only have the small leather items from the new Taiga collection.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Hey it retails for SGD3520 in Singapore.

      • I saw it in ION today, but they told me that the bag couldn’t be sold as of the moment! Sooo frustrating!

        • Bagaholicboy says:

          What do you mean can’t be sold? That’s nonsense!

          • I was ready to pay for it, but they told me that they only have 1 piece and that they can’t sell it yet… I really want to take it home.

          • Very… I remember snatching the Revelation even before it got dispalyed and they never had a problem selling it to me.

          • Bagaholicboy says:

            It could be a display piece which they are not so inclined to sell… that’s the only reason that makes sense to me now.

          • looks that way but I still don’t get it why they wouldn’t sell it.

          • I must say the SAs at ION need some serious attitude adjustment.

            The one I was talking to wouldn’t even drop the lint remover he was holding to clean some merchandise yesterday and was even taking lint off some items while I was talking to him. I just found it totally rude. They couldn’t even give me any detail about when the bag could be sold, other than it’s only 1 of the 11 pieces on display in the world and that the ION store was selected as one of the Taiga stores…blah blah blah.

            I don’t know if being part of the largest LV store in Southeast Asia went into their heads or something because the guys next door at Ngee Ann City were very friendly and accommodating. Plus I was carrying my Keepall Revelation yesterday so they shouldn’t think I can’t afford to buy that bag.

  • JSG says:

    I adore the Zippé, I’ve not seen it in the flesh but hope it is similar size to the Cabas Naxos which is great for day use.

    Wish they were releasing it in Glacier though, love that colour, but the Boréal is gorgeous too. Can’t wait!!

  • Damier Dork says:

    Had been traveling in Hong Kong and China over the past two weeks and just returned to NYC on Sat, I stopped by the Maison 5th Ave yesterday to chat with my SA about the new Taiga I had seen in HK and she told me that they had just received their first Zippe. It’s huge and beautifull and it’s mine! She said that it’s in really limited production they were only due to receive a handfull of units and was only produced in Boreal – I was hoping for the blue or the green!

  • D says:

    Its already out in the stores!!! I saw the zippe at ion lv saturday its very big…

  • yed says:

    ugh, i have been waiting for this post and i can’t believe i missed this. haha. thank you for the prices…quite pricey for me if i get it in the philippines. boo hoo. i am still eyeing for the same bag ever since i saw it on the runway, the vassili pm!

  • C says:

    Hi! Do you think the zippé can be used by girls too? I’m kind of wanting it… love the color too. I don’t think I have a bag in this color yet. Thanks.

  • Addy says:

    This collection is beautifully simple and classic. Coming from the female perspective, I also like all of it. The backpack is gorgeous!

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