Update – Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Collection

In my line of work it’s not hard to get tempted along the way and already I’m eyeing 3 items. In no particular order they include that pair of perforated shoes from Prada, the Twist It bracelet from Louis Vuitton, and now this, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian. Sure it’s not exactly my style, but strangely I fall for it a little more each time I look at it. It’s not exactly small either (which suits me fine), measuring 43 cm by 34 cm. Retailing for SGD3670 (EUR1550) it will probably be my biggest birthday splurge to date if things go my way. Besides Blue (which is the one I am eyeing), it also comes in Rouge.

Next we’ve got the Monogram Cheche Gypsy which I initially referred to as the ‘3-way-duffel’ because, well, you can carry it 3 different ways. Available in 2 sizes, the GM only comes in Blue, while the PM only comes in Vert. Retailing for SGD5800 (EUR2450) and SGD5100 (EUR2150) respectively, these are kinda overpriced in my opinion but that’s just me.

The third and final piece in this collection is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Tuareg. Resembling the Keepall, it measures 44.5 cm by 25.5 cm (similar in size to the Keepall45), and will only come in Blue, retailing for SGD4580 (EUR1900) each.

And yes, I still want the Monogram Cheche Bohemian.

One more thing before I sign off. I’ve just found out from an internal source working within LVMH that the world’s first Louis Vuitton café is set to open at Marina Bay Sands, in their own building currently referred by staff as the LV ‘island’.

Excited? Of course! More updates to come…

Images: Louis Vuitton

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