Tod’s D Bag Bauletto

Introducing the Tod’s D Bag Bauletto from the Spring-Summer 2010 Womens Tod’s collection, which will be officially launched in Singapore in the coming months.

First introduced as part of the F/W09 collection, I’ve never had a proper encounter with it till I got sent 2 pieces in the collection sometime before Christmas. And though I never brought them outdoors and ‘used’ them like the other 2, I did spend lots of time examining both bags very thoroughly. The first thing that came to mind was how lightweight it was (always a plus for any bag), even though it is composed entirely of leather.

And that’s not all. Even though it is light it does not sacrifice on either looks or functionality. Classy and elegant, it’s one of those pieces for the slightly older woman who has grown out of her ‘monogram-madness’ phase. Besides the convenient side pocket with its own drop clasp , it also packs another zip pocket in its interior which is fabric-lined on the inside. It also comes with an additional shoulder strap, great for occasions when you need to be hands-free, especially if you need to lunge and grab sale items. Ok I jest.

There are however a couple of downsides. I do wish the bag’s opening was larger, since I kept getting grazed every time I pretended to stick my hand in to retrieve my imaginary lipstick or compact powder. Still, my hand is larger than the average woman’s so it might not even be an issue for the fairer sex.

I’ve also noticed that each bag is composed of 4 (or more) different pieces of leather that are sewn together. I have no doubt about the fine workmanship involved, it just bugs me that the pieces of leather used may have slight variations as compared to other bags where only 1 piece of leather is used for the body of the entire bag. There is however, a silver lining. I’ve also figured that because smaller pieces are used in the composition, it also costs less to produce, which also explains the SGD1930 price tag.

Seriously, try finding me another leather bag of comparable standard (and branding) that costs under SGD2000. You’ll be hard pressed I bet, which also explains why I’m still smitten with this gorgeous baby. Check them out for yourself in the coming months at Tod’s at either Paragon or Takashimaya Department Store.

Image: Tod’s

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  • Fion says:

    Just bought a Tod’s G Bag in tobacco color, love its color and versatile design, but should have included a handphone compartment in its interior.

  • Ivy says:

    BB, is it made with calf leather?

  • Addy says:

    Love Tod’s for it’s simple luxe feel. I’m also in my 20’s and I think anyone can totally rock it with attitude. Age doesn’t matter. Love this model to bits! Been visiting Tod’s whenever the new collections arrive but I hardly ever get to see many in the boutiques. Always been told that it’s a last piece or already sold out. This attests to its popularity I think. So lucky you get to try this baby! But I do agree that a larger opening would be great since technically I could fit a magazine into it but getting it will be slightly difficult. Envious!!!

  • Eileen says:

    I will, thanks!

  • Eileen says:

    Oooh looks lovely… Will go check it out in ‘person’. It is hard to tell from the photo – but you reckon it’s for ‘slightly older women’? (I’m still in my 20’s)

  • “…every time I pretended to stick my hand in to retrieve my imaginary lipstick or compact powder…”

    I laugh at that comment. Hehehe. nice review, a little humour goes a long way! I agree the bag is classy and elegant. I love it too!

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