Mulberry Summer Tweed Alexa: Snapshots

I’ve already done the review, and today I’ve spent some time taking some snapshots of the Mulberry Summer Tweed Alexa (SGD1690). Honestly it is one gorgeous bag and personally I’m liking it a little bit more than the one in soft buffalo leather.

If however you want to see how the Mulberry Alexa in soft buffalo leather looks like, check out my readers’ conquests (3 in Oak to be exact) in Bagaholicboy Mailbag.

Images: Bagaholicboy

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  • kirsty says:

    i have this bag and it is fab.

  • jaschintaz says:

    I saw the Alexa in Hong Kong but they only had black and no oversized. Going for about SGD1,500 after discount. The oversized Alexa in Oak is my current lust-after bag – but i dont know if they have it in Singapore now?

    The HK stores said it would only be available in mid to end July there. If anyone is in the Mulberry Singapore boutique pls help me check price, size etc. Thanks! Otherwise may get it in London.

  • Angelia says:

    oooh this is lovely! how many colors do they come in?

    the previous pic of the bag u posted in jan reminded me a li’of the miu miu coffer in quilted linen which i have. but i love this color!! more affordable than the miu miu satchel too.

  • AhR says:

    Bagaholicboy, thanks so much for the pictures – I’ve been dying to see what it really looked like ‘irl’ as I’m well aware of how Mulberry tends to photograph their bags on the light side… esp the ink Alexa, which I’ve seen IRL and the picture in Mulberry website is so much lighter.

    May I ask what the care instructions are for the tweed bag?

  • Chloe says:

    Hi BB, I may get this in europe mid-year when i am there… like some of the others, i notice that summer tweed on the website looks grey, while yours looks a beautiful brown! just to make sure its the same model or does it come in 2 shades? can enlighten me…

  • Karen says:

    Argh. I would love this combo in Oversized. Guess I’ll just pass on this bag for now (not that my bank account will not thank me).

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