Mulberry Alexa Summer Tweed

Ordinarily it would take me a few days to take a couple of snapshots and spend some alone time with the bag before I post any review but I think in this case I’ll just speed things up a little. I know many of you are waiting eagerly to hear what I’ve got to say about the new Alexa, Mulberry’s hottest bag release so far this year.

I headed down to Club21’s corporate office after work today and was greeted by not 1, but 4 pieces, including the Mulberry Alexa Summer Tweed which looks even better in real life. And since I was torn between the ones in tweed and buffalo leather I decided to go with my gut feeling and settled on the former.

First the good news. Many of you were worried that the Mulberry Alexa would be too big since traditional satchels are usually large. Let’s just put it this way; if you need a bag that’s just right for your personal bric-a-brac, the regular will suit you just fine. If you want something bigger for your laptop, then go for the oversized version.

Besides the front twist lock clasp, both straps also have magnetic studs which gives you the option of securing the bag in any number of ways. Inside there’s just a single zip pocket that’s pretty big and the adjustable shoulder strap is also removable though I think the design works better if the strap is left on. There is even an option (in the form of a leather strap) that allows you to vary the width of your Alexa, again good if you need the extra space.

Now the bad. Like most satchels designed this way, you have to constantly remind yourself to secure the bag after you retrieve something from it, or else it will just gape wide open and you stand the risk of having your personal effects strewn all over the floor.

And if you are keen on the Mulberry Alexa Summer Tweed (tweed body trimmed with leather straps), it retails for SGD1690. The ones in buffalo leather are priced at SGD1950, while the ones in shiny leopard are SGD2250 a pop.

Besides the Alexa which I picked up today, I also managed to loan the Mulberry Alexa Clutch in Nude lambskin. Exceedingly soft and supple, I love the combination of the lambskin, faux exotic trim and rose gold hardware. Around the same length as the regular Alexa, the only difference is its height that comes in at 19 cm. Inside, there is a zip pocket as well as an additional slip pocket. Sadly this particular model will not be available in Singapore but you can still purchase it at Mulberry’s online site.

You can now view and purchase the lovely Alexa pieces at Mulberry Hilton Shopping Gallery. And I promise once my own snapshots are done I will be uploading them as well. Now excuse me while I go fondle them a little more…

Images: Mulberry

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  • rachel says:

    im interested in knowing more about this bag before trying to hunt it down, is the material sturdy at all?
    because iv read a review by someone who returned the Natural tweed alexa because it was essentially a thick sweater like material, basically it didnt have any shape except for the items youd put in it

  • geraldine says:

    hi, is this bag still available in singapore or london? I’ve been eyeing the Alexa bag for such a long time and this version is by far the best!

  • iWant one of these delicious satchels but does this work with a guy?

  • ClaireL says:

    Thanks to BBoy and Addy for your answers.

  • Cheryl A. says:

    Oh good grief! I’m really wetting myself with the tweed version right now. LOL. But I wonder if it’ll still be available when I go to London in mid-March?

  • Jien says:

    BB, how good does this look on guys? I’m considering this over a Utah piece from LV… or other suggestions?

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