Hermès Orion Aluminium Suitcase

Like I’ve just mentioned on Twitter, I’m already on my 5th orgasm, brought about by the lovely contents of the Spring-Summer 2010 Womens/Mens Hermès press kit. And like I’ve mentioned before, Hermes does not produce loads of rubbish hoping at random someone will buy something, but a keenly curated selection that’s relevant and luxurious.

Take the Hermès Orion Aluminium Suitcase for example. Created by Design Director Gabriele Pezzlini, the suitcase is a potent mix of brushed aluminium and natural cowhide, an unmistakable reference to travel in the world of Hermès. The interior is reinforced with carbon and Kevlar (does that make it bullet-proof as well?), and having 2 handles allows one to carry it either horizontally or vertically.

How much you ask? Well, if you really got to know, it’s priced at SGD13,100 a pop.

I said relevant and luxurious. I never did say it was affordable as well.

It is Hermès after all.

Images: Hermès

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