Gucci Guccissima Coin Case

I’ve always hated coins, not because I do not like spending them but rather, how they get all over the place. You know, you buy something and you get loose change. Then you get something else, and along with that purchase more loose change. At the end of the day you end up with pockets filled with coins that jingle irritatingly whenever you’re on the move.

I’m also one of those who dislikes having coin compartments in mens wallets as they’ve never made much sense to me. It is often small and insipid; and you can’t even hold that much loose change in the first place. My solution? Get a coin case! While it may not be the ‘manliest thing’ around, it certainly makes sense. All your coins are contained separately, and when not needed you just pop the whole thing into your bag.

Makes more sense don’t you think? NETPRICE Japan has a couple in stock now, including the Gucci Guccissima Coin Case that is retailing for SGD250 a pop. And if you’re more adventurous (or a lady), check out the ones they’ve got from Coach that retail for around SGD99.

Image: NETPRICE Japan
This is an advertorial courtesy of NETPRICE Japan

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