Burberry Small Nylon Packable Tote

You can’t keep a good bag down; in this case, the Burberry Small Nylon Packable Tote. One of my perennial favourites in its price range, I still use mine faithfully at least once a week. It’s perfect for those days when I know I will be outdoors a lot for work; I can pack a lot in its soft nylon body, but don’t need to be extra careful with it. Most importantly, it still looks understated and stylish.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted the petite version on offer at NETPRICE Japan. In a slightly smaller size for the ladies, you can still fit a small laptop or netbook, plus a makeup pouch, wallet and a cardigan or scarf in it (basic necessities according to my girlfriends). In my opinion, it’s great for rolling up in your luggage to bring as a shopping bag while travelling. At just SGD289 each (it is still selling for GBP150 a pop elsewhere), get yours (in Black, Birch or Red) now before they’re all gone!

Image: NETPRICE Japan
This is an advertorial courtesy of NETPRICE Japan

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  • Red O' says:

    Bagaholicboy! I need your help! I’ve gotten the Burberry Packable Nylon Tote Bag for men. It is similar to this, but without the tassels.

    I got it as a gift from my friend, and i am not too sure how much weight can this bag carries. Do you have any idea? Since you owe one yourself… Is it durable? And how much weight can it actually carry?

  • LouisBoy says:

    Hi BB, i saw the bigger version of these Burberry Nylon Totes around the Burberry Boutiques in Singapore. Are they for men?

    Anyway, ha ha, was wondering if it’s a good pick for men looking for something fashionable and durable and with a budget of not more than 800. You think the bigger version of Burberry Nylon Tote is a good pick for me? Or any better choices you know?

    Please help me up, BB. I’m kinda new at these and i need guidance. I really appreciate it if you came across my message.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      The bigger ones are definitely for men, so no worries there. I think they are fine for work and play, they are also rather durable and affordable as well.

      • LouisBoy says:

        Thank you BB so much! Not sure the price for the big ones though. I heard the small ones are for 425 and with prints ones are for 525 or something like that…

  • yuzhen says:

    hi bagaholicboy, do you know how much weight can this tote bag take up to? i’m using it to hold my laptop, but worried that it will break halfway…

  • ClaireL says:

    My very excellent mother bought me the small nylon packable tote from Burberry in Bangkok airport. I love it – it’s a lovely soft shade of lilac and so useful for travel. It looks simple but is of high quality and I like how the Burberry check is on the inside. It’s probably quite weather-proof as well.

  • JenuineC says:

    You’re awesome! Thanks! No worries, your web is under my Top Sites Bookmark list and i am sure i’ve checked it out at least once each day! Love your web so much!

  • JenuineC says:

    They still have the older versions with the ‘tassels’ in Singapore, actually. I just saw them at Burberry ION.

    Anyway, i am just curious, why isn’t CK Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana included in your ‘Browse By Brand’ tags. Hee. Random quesion but would love to know why! Ha ha!

  • JenuineC says:

    You mean the one for men? is this the one?


    Sorry for the trouble!

    Justin C.

  • JenuineC says:


    Do you have any idea how many sizes the Burberry Nylon Tote come with? I know there is a size for the men, and i’m just wondering which one are you using. The petite one or the larger one for the men? Hee, hope to hear from you soon. Meanwhile, take care!

    Justin C.

  • Chip says:

    Bagaholicboy, did the larger version you purchase have drawstrings on the side as well?

  • Aloysius says:

    Hi guys,

    Just came back from Burberry boutique at Taka. It was actually selling the plain color version for $425 and $525 for the stripe design. However I did not ask if that was the smaller or larger size.

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