Bagaholicboy News #131 – Gucci To Launch Limited Collection Benefitting MILK

Flipping through this week’s issue of 8 Days I came across a little piece on a new limited edition collection that is going to be launched soon. Now usually I would just write it off as another gimmick done just to garner publicity but it was interesting on 2 counts.

Firstly, the collection was inspired by an orchid that was named after Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini; the Paravanda Frida, a gift from the Singapore Tourism Board. I did some research online (don’t you just love Google), and found out that the orchid was registered in Royal Horticultural Society’s International Register Of Orchid Hybrids in the quarterly issue dated July to September 2009.

Usually orchid hybrids are picked and presented to incoming VIPs a few days prior to the visit, but in this case, Gucci had to register it in advance to facilitate the design and production of the range, with due ownership to Gucci for application in the merchandise.

I also found out the the hybrid was cultivated by Woon Long Nursery  in Singapore, and donated to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for Singapore Tourism Board’s naming and presentation to Frida Giannini.

Secondly (and more importantly), 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this limited edition collection will benefit local children’s charity MILK (Mainly I Love Kids), which is really great. Because, like Whitney Houston, ‘I believe that children are our future’.

Pieces in the collection include a Boston (two actually, in different designs), a wristlet and if I remember correctly, tees for both men and women. This collection will also be sold only in Singapore, and as soon as I get the official press images I will put them up here  (already sent Gucci an email but I’m guessing they are swamped with next week’s opening).

Cultivated in Singapore, sold only in Singapore and to benefit a children’s charity in Singapore. Uniquely Singapore indeed

Image: Royal Horticultural Society

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