Bagaholicboy Muses #158 – How I Got My Goyard: A True-Life Account

About a month ago, I posted an entry on the Goyard Saint Louis, pointing out that while it is not available in Singapore, you could still order it direct from the Goyard boutique in London. A reader of mine (we’ll call her V.G. for now) promptly emailed them and today is the proud owner of her very own Goyard Saint Louis PM in Burgundy. And she didn’t even have to leave Singapore to get it.

This is her true story.

It was fuss-free and pleasant right from the first email, with prompt replies from the London boutique all the time. After I’d decided on the colour and size they sent me a CC authorisation form which I then filled and signed. Next I scanned the form, my ID and CC and emailed the whole lot to them.

I had to pay GST which is unavoidable when shipped via major courier. The GST amount was around SGD86 with a handling fee of SGD10, which I paid via cheque to the DHL’s delivery guy when he dropped off my order. The bag cost GBP459.57 sans tax while the shipping was another GBP85 which I paid direct to Goyard.

I did feel the pinch when I had to pay those extras, but since Goyard is not available in Singapore and I am unlikely to go to Paris or London this year, I really didn’t mind in the end.

Once my order was confirmed I received a tracking number from Goyard and within a week DHL had delivered the bag to my doorstep. They wrapped it in layers of yellow paper, which was then put into a bubble envelope. It was than wrapped in another layer of yellow paper and put inside a Goyard carrier before finally being put into a DHL envelope.

I would definitely buy from them next time I have a ‘craving’ for anything Goyard.

Thanks again V.G. for sharing your account with us. And for those who are wondering how much she paid in all, it was around SGD1335 based on today’s exchange rate.

Image: Goyard

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  • Tanny Wong says:

    Hi BB, I stumbled upon this interesting blog while searching for Goyard passport holder prices. I did purchase for myself a Saint Louis GM in Black (EUR800) in May this year from the shop at Rue St Honore but since I am going there again end November for another round of bag spree, I sold it! The Goyard prices in HK is way higher than those in Paris and I wouldn’t be surprised that it will be even higher when the store opens here in Singapore next year.

  • Tang says:

    Hi BB, I am new to Goyard. I would like to ask if Goyard in HK carries the Saint Louis? Available stock that I can bring back (I bought a Furla Candy bag in HK in July and I am waiting for Furla HK to mail to me. Fingers crossed nothing screws up! Starting to regret that I bought an indent stock.)

    And is it cheaper to buy in HK than if I order from London direct? Please advise. Thank you very much.

  • Rush says:

    Hi… would like to know how long did it take for the store to respond to your initial email, and what did you guys write in the email? I’ve got my birthday coming up and what would be more perfect than a Goyard Saint Louis PM?

  • Monina Tan says:

    I did the same thing but I emailed Goyard Paris. I only paid less than 1,100 for the entire thing (bag and shipment) for my St. Louis PM.

  • Esther says:

    Hi BB, I just chanced upon your website today! Gosh I was in Paris 3 weeks ago and saw a lot of ladies carrying this bag (I had not heard of Goyard then) and I kicked myself for not checking this out while I was there!

    Now I have to wait for a while before I can go back to Paris again cos I spent my moola on a LV bag and wallet while I was there, as well as lots of shopping! It was not really pleasant dealing with the French sales persons if you do not speak their language cos they really snubbed you if you tell them you cannot understand French!

    Now that I know more about the Goyard St Louis, I may order one by email like you mentioned in your post.

  • jLo21 says:

    Sent! Tnx!

  • jLo21 says:

    Thanks Bagaholicboy for posting this entry regarding the Goyard Saint Louis. It was a big help on my part since i don’t have any idea before on how to order via email/online.

    I just received my First Goyard – St.Louis PM and I Love it!

  • deew says:

    Hi all, I just got my Goyard St. Louis PM the same way thanks to BB’s post! The SA was fast in his replies, I filled in the CC form and he immediately processed it. I got it in 2 weeks time! Great experience with Goyard.

    If anyone wanna know, it cost me £540.00 minus 17.5% VAT (£459.57) for the bag and £45.00 for shipping. It’s a steal considering the shipping cost less than the tax. I’m now a proud owner of this bag.

  • juneau says:

    Hi, does anyone knows the Euro price for Goyard St Louis (GM)?

  • fleurfleur says:

    Any one got the passport holder and knows the price in EUR?

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