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Everything you can do on the iPhone  you can do on the new Apple iPad, and more. Don’t know how much it will cost here yet, though a basic model will retail for USD499 in the States.

Then again, I’m thinking now since I already own an iMac and a iPhone, how will the iPad fit in?

Yes? No?

Image: Apple

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  • Eric says:

    I don’t like the ipad. What else the ipad, except the ibook and the large screen, can do that an iphone or an ipod touch can not? I’m waiting for the next keynote, i hope they will set the bluetooth of the iphone free for every type of transfert between all machines and not only between iphone.

  • Dalene says:

    Lots of of bloggers not very pleased with the new iPad. There was too much hoopla regarding it and alot people got turned off. Quite frankly, I can actually see some of the cool potential of the gadget. Third-party apps for doing tunes, games, papers and magazine and FFS books, tons of neat stuff, but they just didn’t really sell it very well (excluding the books). It feels sort of unfinished

  • Reggy says:

    I want to buy the iPad and I hope it as good as Steve made it look.

  • Ivan Chan says:

    I’m a Apple fan too!

    Still thinking whether to buy it or not…


  • Daniel van Vliet says:

    Yes. It’s going to be mine.. It’s perfect for reading and it so much easier for school and work than a laptop! I’m already a owner of a time capsule, Macbook Pro, iMac and iPhone.. So yes I am an Apple freak hahah!

  • theknees says:

    i think mrbrown tweeted it best: “I would wait for iPad 2.0. I hear it will come with Wings.”

  • germaine says:

    Pretty, but I’m probably still getting a Kindle. I couldn’t deal with keeping one of these things scratch-free. And weirdly enough, this is the 2nd Apple product (after the iPod) that I haven’t lusted after, despite being a loyal Mac user since 2003…

  • Kit says:

    Just buy; waiting for it to be in singapore so that i can ‘examine’ the screen. more interested in the ebook function. been wanting a kindle but this could disturb my plan. hee!

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