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I know I have used these words to describe bags before; including soft, supple and lightweight. But I can’t find no other (or better) words to describe the new Loewe Napa collection, which is really soft, really supple and really lightweight.

I had the pleasure of playing with the Loewe Napa Cielo (shown above, SGD1590) when I was at their press office recently, and believe you me, it was light as a feather.

So why is it so light you ask? Standards are set very high right from the start, with only 5% of all skins becoming Loewe’s Napa. Leather used is sourced from the youngest, healthiest and best fed lambs. Skins are then buffed by hand using glass rollers till they reach a consistent density of 0.7 mm. And that’s not all. They also have to be 100% free of defects or else the flaws will show once the skins are dyed.

Besides the totes, I am also loving the Loewe Napa Bow, a simple and elegant clutch that’s also very easy on the pocket at just SGD1350 each. Keeping in mind that this is 100% leather, it’s no mean feat indeed.

Or could it be we have been paying too much for the other brands that come in the standard 80/20 ratio of coated canvas and leather?

Moving along, my personal favourite of the the lot, the Loewe Napa Shell Coin Purse (SGD350). Note the zig-zag pattern on the trim, it’s all done by hand as well. In Singapore, Loewe will be stocking them in Fuchsia, Ash, Purple and Blue.

Last but not least, the Loewe Napa Tassel Keyring, which retail for SGD240 each. Or check out the round coin purses which retail for SGD260 each.

Because sometimes the better things in life don’t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Images: Loewe

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  • midcalf boots says:

    those are stunningly gorgeous! a very unique style for a bag. very unconventional i must say coz it looks so edgy and totally different and that what i love about it. very eye catchy not because of its color but because of its design. magnificent.

  • bkk says:

    BB, great! Looking forward to see next year's mens lambskin bags designs!

    Brendan Kong.

  • Bagaholicboy says:

    Hi MsBrightside, the hobo (also known as the Loewe Napa Viento) comes in 2 sizes and retails for SGD2090 and SGD2590 respectively.

    BKK, yes there will be, will update it on the blog when the time comes. Meanwhile check out this post.


    ClarieL, I'm not 100% sure about this. Actually, I don't think so.

  • ClaireL says:

    Oh, so beautiful. Is there a stockist of Loewe that ships worldwide? I'm dying to buy some.

  • bkk says:

    I love LOEWE's NAPA 7000 lambskin! No doubt about the suppleness! So soft to touch! If there are any scratch marks juz rub it in a circular motion and it would disappear! =)

    BB, Will there be any men's bags in lambskin next yr? Thanks.

  • Ron Tan says:

    i ♥ loewe! their soft leather is so buttery which simply melts my heart!

  • Celeste Bee says:

    If the leather is really that soft, wouldn't it be very fragile and prone to breaking, thus making the tote utterly useless when carrying heavy stuff?

    Having said that, I doubt anyone would buy a Loewe tote and pack it with 5kg of knick knacks.

  • MsBrightside says:

    I can't wait to see them in the flesh!!! If I didn't already have plans on Wednesday, I'd be begging for an invite to the launch. The hobo totally has my name on it. Do update when you know the price? 😀 Thanks in advance!!

  • pei2 says:

    These are so beautiful! I definitely have to go touch and feel them myself… am sure I will fall in love with them!

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