Samsonite Signat Mini Attaché

samsonite-signat-mini-attache1I first saw this many years ago, and just recently I spotted the Samsonite Signat Mini Attaché in Yellow which belonged to the stylist I assisted last month for a fashion spread he was shooting here. It was the cutest little thing I thought, and something I wouldn’t mind owning for myself.

In other words, I had to have it.

samsonite-signat-mini-attache2 It took me a while but I finally tracked one down at Luggage Base. They only had the one in Pink left, but at USD69.90 it was just too cheap to pass up. But because they did not ship directly to Singapore, I got a friend in the States (thanks Francis!) to order it on my behalf.

Measuring 30 cm by 21 cm, I love the fact that the body of the attaché was constructed with Samsonite’s signature ABS shell. Pop it open and you’re immediately greeted by the vibrant 1960s floral print (it’s actually a 1965 reissue). Besides having PDA and mobile phone slots, it also comes with a little zip pouch in the same floral print.

I won’t have the guts to bring it out, so I’ve decided that it will hold all my Louis Vuitton bric-a-brac, including my bag charms, rings and other bits. My early only X’mas present to myself and yes, I’m pleased as peas I finally got it.

Images: Bagaholicboy & Samsonite

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