Burberry Prorsum Stonewashed Canvas Carpenter Bag

I have been pondering on what to say about this bag for the longest time. Picked it up (on loan of course) early last week and used it a couple of times.

For one thing, you can hardly tell it’s Burberry Prorsum (or even Burberry for that matter) which I suppose was intentional given the overall theme for the Spring-Summer 2010 Mens Burberry Prorsum collection. Looks wise, it’s rugged and manly, the canvas stonewashed to give it that aged look. Thick rolled distressed leather handles (very comfortable over the shoulder I must add), along with huge leather tabs and pulls accent the otherwise plain Jane John.

Function wise it does its job very well. It is super roomy on the inside, I could fit almost everything (even a small table lamp if I wanted to) into it. There’s a simple side pocket, along with 3 smaller slip pockets, good for bits and pieces.

Would I buy the Burberry Prorsum Stonewashed Canvas Carpenter Bag in Charcoal? Yes and no. Yes, but only if the price does not veer above SGD2000 or so, but honestly I’m not holding my breath. This is Burberry Prorsum after all, and runway pieces do not come cheap.

No, because really, do I want to spend so much on a bag that’s exceedingly plain? Rugged and functional yes, but still plain nonetheless. While I’m sure there will be fans aplenty and knowing me (I might just change my mind again), we’ll just have to wait and see.

Image: Burberry

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