Spring-Summer 2010 Mens Burberry Prorsum

If you are feeling a sense of deja-vu right now and wondering why the bag above looks familiar here’s the answer. I recently blogged about the same bag (but in canvas) which I declared will be my birthday gift to myself once February 2010 swings by. Now I’m wondering if I spoke too soon since I beginning to fall for the leather version as well.

Frankly, nothing beats the sensual feel, heady aroma and sheer intensity of real leather. I would know; I own at least 3 myself; 2 weekenders from Balenciaga and the Mulberry Mabel Holdall. I know what naysayers will say though; that leather bags are heavy. To which I will reply, which man (heterosexual or otherwise) doesn’t like to have toned arms? Don’t be a wimp, take it like a man and just imagine yourself working out at the gym.

But back to the conundrum at hand; should I swop from canvas to leather instead?

And while you are pondering on my behalf, here are the other 2 leather bags from the Spring-Summer 2010 Mens Burberry Prorsum that have made it into production. On the left, an old-school leather backpack which can also be carried via its top handle, and on the right, another leather tote with a zippered bottom, good for gym shoes and other bits.

As all of you may know, I am not the biggest fan of backpacks ever, and I often get emails from gainfully employed heterosexual men asking me what type/brand of backpack they should get. Well, here is the answer. If you have to get a backpack make sure it is this one (or something really similar). Not those from Deuter/Eastpak/Jansport (unless you are still in school/or want your girlfriend to dump you voluntarily).

The one here rocks. The rest do not.

Images: Burberry Prorsum

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  • Jo Jarna says:

    Where can I buy a bag like this, Qantas lost all my bags along with this one as well that Burberry no longer makes them. Any idea where I cna find something looking like this?

  • Shuboy says:

    I have the leather back pack. It’s the first backpack I’ve gotten in a long time (last one was a Filson/Jean Shop collabo that I quickly lost interest in).

    The Burberry took a bit of getting used to as it’s very LARGE, but I have grown to love it. The heft, the feel, the luxuriousness and hand of the beautiful leather… also, the “branding” is especially discreet – just a stamped logo on the lower left of the bag and one on the gorgeous buckle. Well worth the $1600.00 price tag.

  • Bagaholicboy says:

    Sorry Anon, these bags will not be launched this year, only early next year I'm afraid…

  • Anonymous says:

    @ any1 know how much the bag is.. its gonna be jus nice for my bday present this coming week…

  • Eclair Au Chocolat says:

    I prefer the leather version. It's gorgeous!!!!
    I agree with u for the backpack, it's horrible to see a man well dress in a tuxedo and behind him..a backpack. Awful.

  • Anonymous says:

    the backpack is nice. it has a classic and atas feeling. I like the fact that we can tote it. but it's gonna be pricey and heavy

  • Little J says:

    Any idea what's the price of the bags?

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