Mulberry Leah Collection

After the Alexa this has to be my 2nd favourite collection from the Spring-Summer 2010 Womens Mulberry line-up. Introducing the Mulberry Leah collection, a trio of backpack/satchel hybrids which look like they were inspired by the African safari. Take the one above for example, light khaki leather set off with hardware in rose and finished off with leather handles (and drawstring) in golden amber.

But unlike the canvas backpack that Burberry just did for their mens collection (yes they do look similar), the one here is more polished and sophisticated. Then again, it is meant for a woman, so no suprises there.

Another variant in the same safari-inspired theme, those familiar with Vuitton’s Noe may cry foul. And though it may have the same drawstring closure on the top as the former, the addition of the front pockets definitely gives it enough points of difference.

The third piece is also the most bulbous, an enlarged version of the earlier one I just featured. Same drawstring closure, same frontal flap pockets, but in a larger hourglass shape that’s sure to be a hit with those who love their bags ample and roomy. Guaranteed to weigh a ton too, but that’s the price of fashion right?

Oh and if browns ain’t your thing, the Mulberry Leah also comes in bright fuchsia trimmed with black which I will reveal in another post soon. Actual measurements, suggested retail prices and approximate launch date to come, stay tuned.

Images: Mulberry

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  • Nor says:


    Any idea whether the LV Noe in full leather is available in Singapore? If yes, how much is it retailing for?

  • Bagaholicboy says:

    Stay tuned Yana, I will update the post once I get the information.

  • yana says:

    Hi dear,
    could you find out how much the mulberry Leah collection is retailing for? especially the 2nd picture with the drawstring closure…so beautiful..

  • Fero says:

    It is ok, i will be the first than! Marc Jacob spirit! Yoho!

    and the Uniqlo +J collection will launch only when the somerset 313 outlet opens. Cheerios! Keep ya wardrobe unstocked!

  • Bagaholicboy says:

    Hey Fero, glad you like it. Not sure if a guy can pull it off though, need to wait on the measurements first.

  • Fero says:

    omg, the first bag is V-E-R-Y nice!

    drools am so sure a guy can carry it off, the khaki and the tan/ gold amber leather is jus so chic.

    thumbs and toes up!

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