Loewe Anagram Weekend Handbag

Here’s my second reveal all the way from Europe; Paris to be exact. I still remember how I came across it as if it were yesterday. We actually started the day bright and early at ave Montaigne; I was still on my quest for that elusive Monogram Macassar piece which had evaded me all along. Arriving at the Louis Vuitton boutique, we spent a good half hour exploring it but alas fate was not on my side.

Walking down the stretch, it was lined with enough brand names to make any shopaholic weep. Chanel, Dior, Fendi; you name it, they had it. And then we came across Loewe. I had always wanted something from the Loewe Anagram collection since it came out, and though I hadn’t decided which one to get I was eyeing the Loewe Anagram Weekender. And even though it’s gorgeous, it was much too big for my taste, and I didn’t want something I could only use on holidays.

Enter the Loewe Anagram Weekend Handbag (EUR585), all boxy and angular with its monogrammed coated canvas body. Exceedingly lightweight, I figured it could work well enough enough for my wardrobe so long as I was smartly dressed that day.

Small enough that I could use on a daily basis, yet with enough details to keep me enthralled for a long time to come. Stitched leather pull, long leather clochette, and even my very own shiny gold lock, it was love at first sight (yet again).

2 down, 3 to go. So what should I reveal next?

Images: Bagaholicboy & Loewe

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